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Thursday, November 07, 2013

NZ Police: Rape Boasters

Done as much as I can today to stop the 'roast busters' #rapeclub but child rape offenders still at-large with full police authority. Tonight rape club is still OK according to NZ Police Commissioner Marshall - he refuses to call it unlawful. I have advised PM John Key and Justice Minister Judith Collins and Attorney-General Chris Finlayson to dismiss Anne Tolley as Police Minister and have new minister dismiss Marshall and appoint new Commissioner with priority task to arrest rape club offenders within 24 hours. If they cannot then dismiss that Commissioner and keep going down the list until someone stops rape club by arresting the members.

Det Insp Bruce Scott and Sup Bill Searle of the Waitemata police have sanctioned a rape club that one of their staff member's sons had set up. They operated under 'roast busters' and the police let them run a website and keep a web presence. They intimidated the first wave of 13-15 year old victims in 2011 and binned the evidence so it could continue, now under the say so of the police who monitored their pack rapes of stupified underaged girls for two years and took no action except to dissuade another underage victim from making a statement in 2012. The cops have been heavying parents of the victims to shut them up.

The danger here is if no-one in authority, elected officials, won't act then others must.

The danger is each day their rape club continues it becomes more likely that well-intentioned citizens will do no more and no less than what Sup Bill Searle has spoken of this morning publicly in radio and media interviews as being only 'morally' wrong and not actually unlawful rape. If gang raping a stupefied 13 year old and 'bragging' about it is the standard for lawful sex then it stands to reason police officers can be 'roasted' in that definition too with no consequences. And filmed for the purposes of humiliation. Also with no consequences. The Waitemata police describe this as 'bragging' so this will all be legal according to police. This is what the NZ Police risk when they green light rape club, that it is turned from the predatory sexual exploitation of underage girls into something where the victims are the police themselves. This is where the logic goes. If 13 year olds in school uniform are considered fair game then why not a 30 year old in a police uniform? This is the corollary of the extreme rape culture the police have indulged in and sponsored.

So get your roast on. It's pig tonight. And it's going to be pig every day and every night until the original 'roast busters' rape club of child rape offenders are arrested and charged. Is this what a reasonable person must articulate to make police understand running a rape club, intimidating victims, heavying parents and covering up for the son of a cop are all criminal offences? What becomes reasonable when everyone is watching this pack rape unfold before us without intervening?

Tolley cannot both lodge complaint with IPCA and retain confidence of Comm. Marshall. Simple. She must go, he must go and Searle and Scott need their work computers seized and searched as party to offences. The consequence of doing nothing is that innocent people get hurt. These goons are free tonight despite being both very high flight risks and at risk of re-offending.

How long do good people wait before they become bad people too?


At 7/11/13 9:39 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Are there any cases in New Zealand where under age sex has resulted in rape conviction ?
One thing about this case is it keeps the hysteria away from Len


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