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Thursday, November 21, 2013

NZ Police: crisis of confidence

Confidence in the NZ Police is falling rapidly as the full extent emerges of what they have been able to get away with under the guise of a blue uniform.

Occurrences in the last 24 hours:

This afternoon: White ribbon anti-violence march through town.  Got a police escort down the main street and everything.  Makes a difference from the police treatment the last fortnight (which is ongoing and is designed to hamper my enquiries into their vile 'roast busters' rape gang which are still on the loose on Day19 after they were outed by TV3.)

NZ Herald: Roast Busters petition delivered to Parliament
Auckland mother Jessie Hume has handed her 111,000-strong petition demanding stronger action over the Roast Busters scandal to Parliament this afternoon.
Ms Hume, who presented the petition to National MP Louise Upston, said it had been a significant day for all Kiwis affected by sexual violence.
"This situation has reached a critical point and is nothing less than a national health crisis - 110,000 people have signed this petition and we feel the Government has an obligation to respond.''
RNZ News: Police look into Tauranga disappearance claims
The Independent Police Conduct Authority says it recommended in April 2011 to the Commissioner of Police that the case of a missing Tauranga woman be further investigated.
The police announced on Wednesday they were offering up to $50,000 for any information about Luana Williams, 25, who disappeared from her Munro Street home in 1986.
Investigative journalist Bryan Bruce told Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme he had serious concerns about both the way the police handled the case and what they did with information he had uncovered.
"I tabled a very serious complaint that suggested that two of the officers who were assigned to Luana's case had had sexual relations with her.
"Now that's an allegation, but it isn't for a journalist to go and investigate. This is an allegation that has to be investigated by the police."
Bryan Bruce said he also complained to the Independent Police Conduct Authority but had never been contacted by it to give more information.
A former police detective accused of attacking a male model at a party in central Auckland says he punched and kneed the man in self defence.
Jan de Moor, 34, is defending a charge of injuring with intent after he allegedly attacked the model at a fashion show's after-party in central Auckland last year.
Dan Gosling, designer of the Stolen Girlfriend's Club label and party host, told the Auckland District Court on Thursday morning that he was one of the first people to intervene in the attack between the former officer and the model.
Mr Gosling said there were limbs flying everywhere and that he saw a kneeing motion. He said the model's face was a mess.
NZ Herald: Police officer abuse hotline receives calls
A special hotline set up by police to investigate corrupt Christchurch officer Gordon Meyer has already received calls from the public, but police will not say exactly how many other potential victims have come forward.
Senior Constable Gordon Stanley Meyer, 45, offered to make charges against a suspected drink driver go away in return for oral sex.
He also groped an 18-year-old woman he was giving a lift between pubs while on duty in his marked patrol car.
Meyer, who has since resigned from police, will be sentenced next month after pleading guilty in the High Court at Christchurch on Monday to indecent assault and corruption and bribery charges.

Stuff: Police won't apologise for dog attack
Police say it is regrettable Nelson man Kyle McArtney was bitten by a tracker dog but they have stopped short of an apology.
McArtney was bitten by a police dog, released by its handler, on Sunday night and the district's police chief has referred the case to the Independent Police Conduct Authority.
Yesterday McArtney was visited by Nelson Bays area commander Steve Greally and Sergeant Charlie Parfitt, officer in charge of Nelson Youth Services.
"I thought they may have been coming to apologise but there was no apology. I am disgusted," he said.
- and another police dog attack expose from the weekend.
TVNZ Sunday programme: Police dog attack victim wants accountability
Police are in the gun again over their handling of an incident where an innocent civilian was mauled by a police dog.
The victim has told TV ONE's Sunday programme his quest for answers has largely gone unanswered and he now wants more oversight of the police.
Aucklander Hamish McCourtie was attacked and badly mauled by a police dog while he was in his driveway in 2010.
"One of his legs was on my arm and he just ripped in and he was turning his head and I could just feel my bicep opening up," Mr McCourtie said.
Mr McCourtie was an innocent victim on his way to help out what he thought was an accident when he was attacked.
An internal police inquiry found that the handler had released his dog without sighting the offenders he had been pursuing - a breach of police policy.
For three years Mr McCourite has been trying to find out how the dog handler has been held to account but says he has been thwarted by privacy and employment laws.
"You sit back as a citizen and sort of look at what kind of processes are in place to protect the citizens. Where light doesn't shine you get rot."
He is now campaigning for more powers for the Independent Police Conduct Authority.
"It has absolutely no means to affect any true oversight of the police."
The Head of the IPCA is also calling for change but the Government has resisting giving the police watchdog more teeth to do the job.

Meanwhile no-one knows who is in charge of the 'roast busters' case because the NZ Police refuse to say.  Anyone reading my last post of my timesheets from Friday will understand who is primarily responsible for pursuing the suspects in this case and who is primarily responsible for preventing them being charged.

Additionally in the last 24 hours: The settlement/decolonisation process has reached a watershed. 

Firstly, the individual responsible for single-handedly derailing the policy of land return - Alan Titford - has been exposed as the psychotic, sadistic maniac he is.  Because of his actions and the racism behind it, the Labour government of the day was persuaded not to try to negotiate the return of privately held land in Treaty settlements. Which leads directly to the second point: Instead of returning land a "fiscal envelope" was devised for the big tribes to induce them to sign up by offering them cash when they signed plus a top up for relativity once the amount of total treaty settlements reaches the arbitrary $1 billion mark.  That point in time has arrived.  That these two issues have coincided is fitting.

NZ Herald: Jones: Titford a 'destructive' influence

The man jailed for two decades for sex and violence offences was a "destructive" influence on Maori/Pakeha relations in the Far North, Labour MP Shane Jones says.
Questions have also been asked about how Allan Titford was able to run for mayor while in jail waiting for sentencing.
Yesterday, the 53-year-old was sentenced in the Whangarei District court to 24 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of 39 charges including assault, sexual violation, arson and fraud.
Titford came to prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s over a dispute with the Crown over a farm he owned at Maunganui Bluff.
The land was subject to a claim by Maori and was eventually bought by the Crown to give to the hapu. Titford claimed that the hapu had torched his home and caused plenty of other damage to his farm during the dispute.

RNZ News: Arbitration coming up for Treaty relativity clause
The Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations says it's a matter of weeks before arbitration begins with iwi on the cash top-up clause.
Chris Finlayson spoke about the relativity mechanism to the Maori Affairs Select Committee on Wednesday.
Mr Finlayson told the committee that arbitration would begin in a couple of weeks to agree on the total Treaty compensation sum, from which the top-up is calculated.
The clause states that if the total settlement pay-outs to iwi exceed $1 billion at 1994 prices, then Ngai Tahu and Waikato-Tainui would get a cut of the portion that went over that cap.
The iwi don't believe the Crown has included the value of all historical settlements in its calculation.
Chris Finlayson says it is a novel approach for the Crown to continue with the mechanism, and expects arbitration to clear things up.
Former supreme court judge, Andrew Tipping, will head the process.

Coupled with the National government's bloody-minded selling off of as many of the state assets as they can before the referendum on the question can be put I perceive events are heading towards a major rupture of some description.  A break with the past beckons.


Just popped up on Twitter, a statement about the non-investigation that is "Operation: Clover":
NZ Police: [in full]
Operation Clover - update

National News

Please attribute the following statement to Detective Inspector Karyn Malthus, Operation Clover. 

"Operation Clover is making steady progress. We are currently focused on speaking to a number of girls. This is a very delicate and careful process and at this time our priority is the privacy, health and well-being of the girls, their families and caregivers. As part of our multi-agency approach we are also offering the girls access to relevant support services.
We appreciate the high level of interest in this investigation, however we are still unable to discuss any operational matters. We continue to urge anyone who may wish to make contact with us to feel free to ring the dedicated 0800 number from any landline or cellphone (0800 672 568).  Alternatively people can contact the independent organisation Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
We're also very mindful of the fact that it's exam time, and we've been working around these commitments to ensure anyone who speaks to us is able to do that at a convenient time for them."
Police have received a number of requests for interviews on the progress of this operation.  Whilst we appreciate the interest in this matter, the Police focus firmly remains on the investigation at this time.

Very clear they do not want any questions on this at all - because they cannot answer them.  "Operational matters" are a euphemism for "nothing to see here, move along."  The questions are very simple and have nothing to do with jeopardising a (non-)existent investigation.  The ruse about exams is an attempt to delay - they will be telling them to wait after exams are over no doubt.  Their silence (they have not issued a statement or been able to give a straight answer for a week now) is telling and today this point blank refusal to answer questions under the shadow of "operational matters" confirms this shut-down tactic.  To any reasonable person this looks like a cover up.  This is Day19.


At 21/11/13 5:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Tim I see you are still clad in your flowing white gown,pointed pillow case over your head and a burning torch grasped tightly in your hand as you and your other red necked lynch mob mates bay for blood of the wicked brown boys who dared to have sex with these poor oh so innocent little West Auckland white girls.

A Confederate flag is in the mail to you right now !

At 21/11/13 8:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now as you are an outed racist would it not be more appropriate to rename your blog TIM ROASTING WICKED BROWN BOYS FOR BANGING WILLING WHITE GIRLS !

At 21/11/13 8:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Rubbish.The point is as hard as they try (and boy are they desperate to find something or charge someone so as to get the scum rednecks like you off their back )there is nothing.Its only the ingrained racist out there like you who cant get their heads round the fact that a whole lot of little white girls willingly threw themselves at some brown boys.

At 25/11/13 2:07 pm, Blogger Lolita Brother said...

you are dead Tim, wake up and move on

At 26/11/13 3:27 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Thanks for all your support. Truly heartening.

At 30/11/13 10:17 pm, Anonymous Countryboy said...

Jesus ! I've not been here for a while I must confess but what a pack of cruel , horrible , bleak , soulless , ignorant , moronic cunts you have over here to try to wrangle Tim Selwyn . You deserve better than this . This is what you get when you try to save the brain damaged hoi palloi . It' a bit like offering a band aid to a Zombie . They'll bite your arm off . It's not their fault but they'll still try to bite your arm off .


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