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Monday, October 21, 2013

The ouster

Heard Len Brown on the radio just now telling media that the Auckland Council's Code of Conduct is just this thing between councillors. Like it was nothing - as disposable as the potentially high-maintenance mistress at the centre of Len's epic down trou. He really doesn't get it. Like how Rodney Hide decided initially to tough it out when he got caught perking. Like that. Like he didn't hear the taunts of shame at an earlier appearance today - the first public outing since John Campbell's patsy interview the day it broke (my TV review on that is posted up on The Daily Blog.) Len has shown that he uses the office of Mayor and its power as an aphrodisiac, but assuming the right to commission his appointed advisors for sex romps all over the Town Hall however is just wrong regardless of any official code.

Len has dismissed the code and is about to hand out the perks of office to all his councillors - given they will determine any breach and the sanction this means he is buying his way out of trouble and, once again, abusing the office of Mayor. The councillors are compromising themselves when they do so. The Mayor is under investigation and there are reports in the news every day of government officials losing their jobs for having affairs and yet at Auckland Council it's all kosher, apparently. It's a joke and Len is the biggest joker. He is a hack and a face-slapping fool and now it turns out also a bit of a sleaze. In any other country they would describe a Mayor who keeps a mistress on the city payroll as corruption; but in NZ the political establishment looks upon this as some sort of 'daggy Dad moment'. They are a joke. The women who validate Len's behaviour have to ask themselves what their conduct limits are for public officials, esp. giving men a green light to predate on the female staff.

If he had to cut his credit cards up on Campbell Live to regain people's trust he wouldn't spend recklessly ever again will he now do the same to the Mayoral cock? Gotta ask. If he says it's a 24/7 job (and they are certainly remunerated as if it were) then all that rooting is on the clock.

It's going from lenslide to lenicide. It's unlenable, it's lenbarassing.

The problem for Len is that in the same audio today he has admitted that he wrote a reference for his mistress when they were 'in a relationship', but that 'it was early on' - as if that means it was not as bad! It is actually worse. Early on means he was using his office for favours or to seek further favours from her, or maybe it was her reward for lenny-lenny not so long time. It's all part of his panties-down pantomime and that job placement part can be unravelled by asking His Worship-elect: 'How many references of a similar nature have you given out to your other Ethnic Advisors? If it's just her then he's lenburger.
There are more questions every day and yet, if I understand it, he turns up to the councillors induction today to preach to them about accountability, standards and setting an example. How much longer can they tolerate this?

Len's daks are around his ankles and the Aucklanders are still saying the Emperor is technically still wearing his tie and that we need the Emperor to contain rates and cut ribbons and stuff and so, basically, he could have set fire to Santa and be raping the elf children on a float down Queen Street at the Farmers parade and the jaded Aucklanders will still give him another three years.

Get rid of him if he won't get rid of himself. What are the ousting provisions?


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