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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Len's down trou

One of these men is a rambling clown who likes spurting his little gun, the other one is Steve Martin.

What an almighty down-trou!  Couldn't have happened to a nicer politician that has deserted his principles.  Len, you are a little fucker - aren't you.

by Stephen Cook
Len Brown’s hold on the Auckland mayoralty is in serious jeopardy following bombshell allegations of a two-year extra-marital affair with a council employee 25 years his junior.
Brown did not return phone calls or messages this afternoon despite multiple attempts to contact him.

According to a sworn affidavit provided by the woman, Brown – who she rated a ‘generous’ 4 out of 10 in the lovemaking stakes – would also routinely masturbate at his desk while chatting to her on the phone.
The woman has decided to speak out about the two years she spent as the mayor’s mistress after claims Brown treated her no better than “a porn star” – a reference to how, according to her, it was common practice for him to ejaculate on her during sex.
“At least if I was a hooker I would have got something out of this, but I got nothing. I was starting to feel like Monica Lewinsky,” she said.
The affair is not only likely to cost the father-of-three his career and reputation but also his 20 year-plus marriage to lawyer wife Shan Inglis. The couple have three daughters together.
She says she and Brown were having sex in the Ngati Whatua Room at the Auckland Town Hall when a security guard burst in through the door.
“It was horrific. I had no clothes on and Len had his pants down around his ankles. The security guy was clearly embarrassed and made some apologetic noises before closing the door and leaving.
“Len was distressed, saying ‘This is it, this is it… how are we going to get out of this.”
But ‘get out’ they did, she says.
“We laid low waiting for him to come out with all the detail but he never did. We were very surprised.”

And it just gets better and better (I mean worse and worse), but this is not the place for such salacious details. Keeping a mistress may be de rigueur  for the continental Europeans, but in the Anglosphere wowserocracies it is decidedly dodgy.  And he's a Christian too, isn't he?  If this scandal had broke during the campaign what would have happened?

NZ Herald this afternoon:
Mr Brown was not immediately available for comment.
Council chief executive Doug McKay went to the mayoral office at the Auckland Town Hall about 3pm to meet senior staff in Mr Brown's office and deputy mayor Penny Hulse.
Talks took place in Mr Brown's personal office.
After the talks he told the NZ Herald he had spoken with the mayor's staff about the situation.
"My job is to go back and run the organization.
"He needs some space to deal with it. He has got some family and personal issues to work through and I think we should give him a bit of time to do that," said Mr McKay,
He said he had not spoken to Mr Brown about the matter.
Mr McKay said the mayor was not at the mayoral office. His mayoral car was not parked at its spot outside the town hall.

And what will happen now?  Live down the disgrace... grow... learn... move on...?  Or resign in humiliation and a by-election?  Len probably needs a very great deal of space right now.  From hero to zero in 72 hours.  Second day back on the job and he hits a Cam Slater shit storm from Hell.  But I have no sympathy for a politician who connives with the National government to allow a giant tunnelling machine to be used on a motorway under Waterview and Avondale before they have even properly zoned the CBD rail link.

When he should of been focussed on the rail loop we find the only thing Len's being tunnelling over the last two years has been his pet staff member.



At 15/10/13 4:42 pm, Anonymous Mark said...

Yawn* who really cares where he puts his penis? Tim Selwyn does

At 15/10/13 7:04 pm, Anonymous Ian Williams said...

If the guy is such a slouch on the couch - a two minute wonder apparently - then how come she put up with it for two years before dropping him in it? So he is a two faced duplicitous carnal christian - hello - how many men in like circumstances have been offered primo pussy on a platter and indulged? Seems like the tunnel machine is not the only thing that is boring in Auckland. What about Shearer's lame admission to shagging one of his helpers, and how many litres of tart 'ere sauce were spilled on pics of John Key's daughter by spotty youths choking their chicken nugget or pounding their quarter pounder?

At 17/10/13 9:06 am, Anonymous Ian Williams said...

If Orcs had any brains at all they would have voted for John Minto! Now there is man with integrity for Africa! Especially now he has gotten over his puerile predilection to be suckered by the Joe and Nelson black and white minstrel show.

At 18/10/13 12:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Mark - Tim Selwyn does care where Brown puts his penis. Selwyn's simply saying that he's not upset Brown might be on his way out because Brown's a sell out. Simple. Just look at the Sky City deal? That's what Selwyn's talking about. Not where Brown puts his penis.

At 18/10/13 2:01 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

Quote from Tim

"What an almighty down-trou! Couldn't have happened to a nicer politician that has deserted his principles. Len, you are a little fucker - aren't you."

This is nasty and sad Tim. You have great ability but this is a let down, weak.
Your raving lunatic friend over at "the Daily" is convincing himself of the conspiracy yeah right.
The girl is a cork soaker and a climber Tim.
She say "If you see an opportunity open your arms and grab it"
ouch grab


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