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Monday, October 07, 2013

Bain family massacre: reloaded

It's the killing that just keeps giving.

NZ Herald:
Fingerprint and firearms experts have rejected claims Robin Bain had gunpowder marks on his fingers, police say.
Claims were made on TV3`s 3rd Degree programme in June that the marks shown in photographs were made by loading the rifle's magazine.
But police said scientific analysis by fingerprint and firearms experts did not support that conclusion.

Well they would say that, wouldn't they. The truth is, of course, that the Police and the David Bain defenders are both right and wrong.  Robin didn't make those marks by loading the gun.  But they are from the cartridge...
When you see the impossibly close proximity - barely a centimetre, maybe less - from the hand of a man who has just shot himself in the head (supposedly) to the magazine lying on its edge on the carpet it is difficult not to draw the conclusion this is a staged scene.  It couldn't be more staged.  It is there to demonstrate the correlation between the marks on the fingers and the magazine. 

Only two people would have reason to arrange the body and the magazine in such a fashion: a police officer or forensic expert for the purposes of a photograph because they have noticed the marks and believe it to be from the magazine, or... the murderer trying to alert the police and the forensic experts to the markings and its relationship to the magazine. If anything this reinforces the very reasonable conclusion that David Bain was trying to cook up another alibi apart from the computer message. The chances of the murder-suicide standing a magazine on edge and having his hand land in that position is vastly, unreasonably remote.


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