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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

NZ Taxman

The rainbow of fascism that is the NZ government has superextended its authority again.  Stuff reporting:
Defaulters on student loans and child payments will soon be tracked using their passports. An "information-sharing" deal allows Department of Internal Affairs to share contact details with Inland Revenue (IRD).
It means Kiwis living overseas, who haven't paid child-support payments or student-loan repayments, and apply to renew their passport will be contacted through the address they provide.
The regulation comes into effect on October 3. It follows a crackdown on student-loan defaulters announced in May's Budget.
Sanctions mean those who have a debt of more than $15,000 and who ignore IRD repayment requests could be arrested at the border.

These measures are contrary to the NZ Bill of Rights Act and international law - as every citizen has a right to leave and re-enter their own country - but this doesn't seem to stop each successive government imposing increasingly harsh restrictions and penalties on debtors to the Crown.  The people targetted aren't criminals either, they have committed no offence (apart from perhaps the provisions of such an unlawful rule), they have not been charged or prosecuted or convicted, they just owe some money is all. And because they owe it to the government instead of an ordinary creditor the officials have pursuaded the politicians to pass statutes using the power of the government (and its relationship with Australia and the UK) to bully and harass the nation's tardy taxpayers.

Coincidentally yesterday I finished the alternative lyrics to the Beatles track, Taxman... 

Taxman – G. Harrison / NZ Taxman – T. Selwyn
1,2,3,4,1,2  / [Dial IRD, automated prompts start, hold up speaker to mic]

Let me tell you how it will be,
There’s one for you, nineteen for me, 
We’ve just put up the GST
‘Cause I’m the Taxman,
Yeah, I’m the Taxman.
Should five per cent appear too small,
  Should your assessment be at fault,
Be thankful I don’t take it all. 
Your arse is mine until you're broke,
‘Cause I’m the Taxman,
Yeah, I’m the Taxman.
(If you drive a car-car ), I’ll tax the street,  (If you take drug-drugs) I’ll tax your hit,
(If you try to sit ), I’ll tax your seat, (If you take a dump) I’ll tax your shit,
(If you get too cold ), I’ll tax the heat,
(If you make a quid) I’ll take a buck,
(If you take a walk ), I’ll tax your feet.
(If you want to love) I’ll tax the fu**.   

‘Cause I’m the Taxman,
Yeah, I’m the Taxman.

Don’t ask me what I want it for,
Now I’ll add up the penalties,
(Haha! Mister Wilson!)
(Haha! Student Loans!)
If you don’t want to pay some more,
And interest on top of these,
(Haha! Mister Heath!),
(Haha! Child Maintenance!)
‘Cause I’m the Taxman,
Yeah, I’m the Taxman.
Yeah, I’m Peter Dunne, man! – check out the hair.

Now my advice for those who die, (Taxman!)
If you have a mind to escape (Taxman!)
Declare the pennies on your eyes, (Taxman!) ‘Cause I’m the Taxman,
I’ll stop you at the customs gate (Taxman!)
Cause I’m the taxman
Yeah, I’m the Taxman.
And you’re working for no-one but me,
And the rich man’s capital gains are all tax-free
Yeah, I’m the Commissioner of Inland Revenue,
[Fade to IRD call prompts ongoing.]


Probably suits a rage/thrash treatment.


At 6/9/13 10:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly there is an issue with people that have student loans which are not paying them back as per their contract with 'studylink'. This information is now shared with Inland revenue, and as a current student i can say that it makes it alot easier to access account information and no more long waiting phone calls to studylink ( Every student has experienced this). Studylink help students with multiple things such as living costs; training incentive; books and course costs and fees. When appyling you must sign a contract, just like you would if you were getting a loan from the bank. Most people attend university so that they can further their education and get a good job, so why shouldnt they pay back there loans?


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