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Friday, September 20, 2013

Nothing says NZ like Emirates

'In the bag' is how RNZ news was describing it - and that was on Monday. NZers were 'expecting it to be wrapped up by Monday' and the win was assured from the first day of racing anyway. The Oracle team were going to lose because they were cheats, American cheats, and having been docked two points just sealed their fate. It is NZ's cup. Just hurry up. Etc.

This NZ entitlement mentality is at odds with the traditional NZ loathing of the skiting and arrogance of the Australian nemisis. It is ugly and unnerving to see how hollow the assumed good sportsmanship is in reality.

I half listened to the race on the wireless - billed as they all have this week as being the final day and the day NZ takes home the auld mug. NZ lost. Then the wind got up and the next race was cancelled. 'This is like groundhog day' remarked the host on Radio Live later when recounting NZ's inevitable road to victory. If groundhog day is losing a race a day then I'm not sure why her, and everyone else's confidence is so monumentally high.

If the Oracle team and the billionaire behind it are committed to winning then that means very aggressive tactics in these close contests. One error, forced or not, and the show's over for the NZ cert.


At 22/9/13 9:23 am, Blogger Phil said...

Is the correct word 'vainglorious'? Other suggestions?


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