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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Late meetings

It never fails to astound me...

...that the local body elections can be underway pretty much as soon as nominations open in August and yet the councils continue to meet and the local politicians continue throughout the period.  The inevitable occurs every three years: all the flagship shopping areas get newly sealed roads and footpaths, all the other projects the councillors have started during their term come rolling in in the last few months, free fuel for their re-election campaigns.  No wonder there is such an incumbency advantage when they are legally able to do this.  They are using the councils' perks to push themselves.  Leaving major decisions until the election is off and running may be great politics, but is poor practice.  And the Auckland Council, for example, has meetings all the way through September, with a full council meeting on the 26th when the ballot papers have been in people's hands for almost a week!  It is an abuse that has to stop.


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