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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The NZ TAB took a bath by backing Emirates Team New Zealand in this last race. NZ's collective and petulant demands to hurry up with the inevitable win, claim our assured victory and all the total confidence at the start of the regatta is finally caving to fear today. Everyone here is still unbearably disrespectful of the opposition and so enraptured with their own hero-worshipping and elevating a bit of corporate cockery into a national fixation they warrant no sympathy for their state of anxiety, hovering on match point.

And no more funding from Uncle John if they fuck it up, or from Labour either - Cunliffe said 'if' they win. So the good news is that's about $10 per taxpayer being saved should they get their classic Kiwi choke on.

So, yeah, but no, whatever... I'm not sure which came first for me, but probably not caring about the results came before losing interest. How far away is 'Have we lost yet?'


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