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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hone Harawira walks the walk... sometimes by simply sitting.

NZ Herald:
Police smashed a window in Hone Harawira's car after he ignored repeated requests to move out of the path of a truck at an Auckland housing protest last year, a court has been told.
The Mana Party leader appeared in Auckland District Court today to defend a charge of failing to comply with a police instruction, an offence punishable by a $10,000 fine.
Harawira was arrested last October when he joined protesters fighting the removal of state houses in the east Auckland suburb of Glen Innes who allegedly occupied a property being removed in preparation for redevelopment.
Harawira allegedly locked himself in his car and turned his music up loud, blocking a Housing New Zealand-contracted truck and trailer unit from accessing the property.

Hardly the crime of the century. You wonder if it was anyone other than the great northern rebel would this have gone to trial?  

Tumeke blogger emeritus, Mr Bradbury, reports on The Daily Blog:
I’ve spent most of the morning in Court to watch Hone’s trial. He is representing himself against a charge of not operating a motor vehicle when told to do so by the Police.It’s a farce.
For one the Court room is the tiniest court room they have with only seating for 12 in the public gallery. Hone’s supporters spilled out into the corridor.
The moment of ‘doh’ was the Police admitting that they had blocked Hone in with a Police van behind his car before arresting him for not moving his car.

By snookering Hone they have snookered themselves. 

Meanwhile I guess the privatisation of the Tamaki housing estate is proceeding at pace. Labour seemed more preoccupied with helping people afford their power bills at the moment to lend substantial support to people who don't even have a house.


At 30/7/13 3:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and yet he still got convicted, and NZ is not a police state, wake up and smell the roses. The police can do as they please and this just reinforces it, the police are not an impartial entity. The lord of the almighty dollar will prevail.


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