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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Miraculous reversals

The Earthskyscience update tells me the moon and Neptune are in Aquarius tonight. So this is what happened tonight:

* The ALP caucus rolled Julia Gillard (Australia's first woman PM) as leader and installed Kevin Rudd (the former PM who was himself rolled by her) as PM in time so they didn't miss the State of Origin match.

*Len Brown, the first Mayor of an amalgamated Auckland, was interviewed on the historic government undertaking to half fund the Auckland city rail tunnel, in doing so the National Party have changed their longtime policy and conceded the Auckland Council Mayoralty to Len.

*TV3's 3rd Degree show featured a stupendously simple observation by a kiwiblog geek (that even looked and sounded like David Farrar) that he reckoned solved the Bain Family Massacre case because a police murder scene photo showed Robin Bain had marks on his fingers that corresponded to the same marks one gets from loading the .22 gun that was the murder weapon. This all shows that Robin did it and not David, according to the geek and everyone else associated with the David Bain support camp. Problem is the same photo that shows the correspondence does so as if it were posed for the purpose, as if it were staged by someone especially to demonstrate the marks go with the magazine clip. The magazine is on edge about a centimetre from the fingers of the hand with the marks outward. The police photographer could only have staged it because they noticed the marks and the alignment with the magazine and wanted to show it clearly. They would have put that in their report, their notebook, and someone else would have seen it and discussed it and it would be in their paperwork and all discoverable in the court cases. So I take it the photo is as the scene was and not staged by the cops. A clip sits on edge and on carpet only 1cm away from the hand of an adult male who has fallen dead to the floor (from shooting himself). Wouldn't the thud jolt the clip over, esp. on carpet? The chances of that happening like that in the photo are so remote. In the scenario I paint the planted clip is pressed into his hand by David and stood on edge to complete the story as a sure alibi. Because the Bain's hideous taste in textiles didn't just stop at self-designed jumpers, it meant their blue vomit swirl pile carpet would distract the police forensics and the defence who missed it totally. If anything the obviousness rather reinforces the idea of David having set it up. This evidence really settles nothing though, each side will claim it backs them.

*Nelson Mandela...


At 30/6/13 7:50 pm, Anonymous Timo said...

Don't forget that presumably gun powder lines would also subsequently smudge if you then had to handle a rifle with two hands and shoot yourself by contorting your body...

To believe that Robin Bain did it you also have to deny the law of physics, a dead man couldn't have balanced that magazine on it's thin edge...

At 1/7/13 10:09 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

it is good you are getting back your website Mr Selwyn, I approve,.
you do not belong to the drivel of NZ politic,.
This was always your site, and here we can think

At 1/7/13 10:20 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

In my opinion the best verbalist writer in New Zealand is Tim Selwyn, pity to me he is on the wrong side, but he is still our best, almost hidden now where he came from, but still the best.
Mr Branbury has nothing to offer but crazy , Tim on the other hand thinks and prepare before he writes.


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