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Monday, June 10, 2013

It's not murder

Last week: A police officer shoots and kills a man, Morehu, at the New Plymouth golf course, and the media dutifully report the NZ Police version of events. They helpfully run the standard PR lines of the police as they roll out. They are totally spun. All the while their whitewash 'separate and independent' investigation of themselves and by themselves is scripting the exoneration.

Within the first 24 hours RNZ was leading with police have (somehow) 'saved a life' by having shot Morehu. Radio Live was leading their bulletin with police 'gave aid' to Morehu (after they shot him). The police brass was on TV that night spouting the usual rubbish that all the police involved in the killing were heros and courageous. All of the police assertions went unchallenged in the mainstream media from what I have seen.

Today: the Stuff site has downgraded the killing to a 'police shooting'. The NZ Herald's mobile site at least doesn't even have a story on it today. RNZ was claiming that police had shot Morehu as 'returned fire' trying to suggest a rapid exchange or gunfight which even the police version does not support. Just chuck another nigger on the meat wagon and let's get a coffee - that is the prevailing stance by the establishment. Nothing to see here, move along in an orderly manner, we don't want a scene. It's not murder, it's not even a killing.

Last week: Some boys beat and kill another boy, Dudley, at Kelston after rugby training and the media dutifully report the NZ Police and establishment version of events. It had nothing to do with rugby the school says. With former all Black coach Sir Graham Henry being the former head of Kelston it must have nothing to do with rugby or rugby culture. With most rugby thugs being aspiring policemen the cops aren't keen to push any further up the charging scale than they have to either. Being brown is an indication of guilt and an aggrevating factor as far as the NZ Police go... unless you are a potential All Black or Policeman, and then, suddenly, the establishment haven't got the stomach for dishing out their normal instinct for blood. The excuses start counting. It's not murder, it isn't even a killing.

Today: Stuff's headline is a 'fatal fight' not a bash and a killing. That maybe an innocent fight club turned to death match because of a mix-up in the rules or something - one of those freak things or whatever - that's the angle. At the NZ Herald it's a 'tragedy' and the Dudley parents headlined as saying 'no time for anger'. That doesn't mean there are no time for questions. The media aren't asking any, they are hollow conduits for the establishment agenda. Both these cases are clouded in official fog.


At 12/6/13 3:18 am, Blogger peterquixote said...

thanks for a good post Tim, it reminds me of who you are , and why I admire you

At 16/6/13 8:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant post thanks Tim, I fully agree our mainstream media is a very dangerous machine..... one can only hope that more watch dogs come forward to challenge the machine and the lords that they continue to protect, some knowingly, and some ignorantly.... from the senior management, to the lower intern rookie hoping to get a break... they're all idiots of lower level intelligence


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