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Monday, May 13, 2013


The media - and bloggers - put a lot of time and effort over the last week or so into destroying Aaron Gilmore's political career, so it was somewhat amusing to find that the denoument of the hate campaign - the resignation - was so utterly anti-climactical. It was as anti-climactical as his political contribution was underwhelming. But the one left with egg on their face, or maybe wine on their tie is a better metaphor, is the National Party - not haughty Gilmore.
NZ Herald:
Disgraced National Party list MP Aaron Gilmore has moved to spare the Government further embarrassment during a critical week by announcing his resignation last night.
Two weeks after reports emerged of him abusing and threatening a waiter at a Hanmer Springs hotel during a boozy night out, Mr Gilmore said he would step down.
Mr Gilmore said that staying on in Parliament would "only serve to cause my loved ones more upset, and cause me undeserved further stress".

"Undeserved" - that really says it all. As an audition for MP least likely to be missed from parliament, Gilmore has aced this one.

That the Nats couldn't get their shit together and deal with the inevitable resignation a week ago demonstrates poor organisation. To have the PM in the House saying he hasn't talked with Gilmore - when he is sitting up the back - is such a weak look. Key's claims he couldn't do anything as leader was a particularly pathetic admission he has no power over his own caucus. Key's "I'm comfortable" line might work for some things, but internal management of the government's numbers isn't just the whip's job it is ultimately the leader's - especially when list MPs are involved (where the leader would be expected to have some swing over these appointments - as Helen Clark clearly had over Labour's list).

This could have ended with significantly less ignominy for all concerned had things been dealt with earlier as competent party bosses would have. I can't help but think the sideways moves and re-jigs in the PM's office recently are an attempt to remedy this drift and disorder behind the scenes. They have a big caucus that is difficult to control at the edges - as Bolger had after the 1990 election - but unlike that ministry this one has a very thin majority and cannot tolerate black sheep wandering off.

As for Gilmore's replacement off the list, Claudette Hauiti, she has not impressed despite the CV. Going from her appearances on Tumeke blogger emeritus, Mr Bradbury's 'Citizen A' TV panel show she is a second-rate flunky whose No. 63 placing was for a good reason. If anyone has the time to go through the footage perhaps a montage of all the appalled and exasperated facial expressions and retorts from Chris Trotter as he respondes to the dumb-arse things Hauiti says would be a laugh.

NZ Herald:
Former Maori broadcaster Claudette Hauiti, next in line to take over from Aaron Gilmore, is in a civil union and raising a child with her partner.
She has publicly admitted she "ticks all the boxes" on National's representation scale.
The party's general manager, Greg Hamilton, confirmed last night Ms Hauiti would be asked by the Electoral Commission to enter Parliament.
"She's the next on our list ... she'll need to make a decision on whether she would want to do that."
Ms Hauiti, who is 63rd on the party's list of 75, has a 5-year-old daughter, Manawa, with her partner, Nadine Hauiti-Mau.
The couple plan to marry next year.
A former producer, Ms Hauiti founded TV and film production company Front of the Box Productions in 1993 and has worked mainly in Maori and Pasifika media.

You know you are getting to the bottom of the National list when you get to lesbian Maori.

As for Gilmore, Stuff: reports he's preparing a form of political self-immolation:
Disgraced MP Aaron Gilmore has been threatening 'utu' on those who effected his downfall ahead of his valedictory speech in Parliament tomorrow.
After resigning from Parliament last night, Gilmore is understood to have sent at least four people text messages advising them to learn the meaning of ''utu''.
Gilmore, the National party's lowest-ranked list MP, was privately said to be seething last night, and party members are anxious about what he might say in a valedictory speech planned for tomorrow.
Gilmore was due to talk to party president Peter Goodfellow by phone yesterday afternoon, and Goodfellow wanted a meeting in Wellington today.
However, The Press understands the party drafted in fixer and political consultant Simon Lusk to persuade Gilmore to go.

A man at the bottom of the barrel wanting to buy a scrap with someone already in the mud:
This could be fun. Go hard.

UPDATE 3:00pm


At 13/5/13 7:48 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

what has happened to you Selwyn, you were the guy , but now the dredge, you have become a dog Tim
Gilmore said that staying on in Parliament would "only serve to cause my loved ones more upset, and cause me undeserved further stress".

At 14/5/13 12:40 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

crap Whale Oil more scrap and good luck Aaron, please go to Australia out of this dog country, I hope you prosper Aaron


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