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Sunday, March 03, 2013

TV review

My first TV review for the The Daily Blog is posted over there. Massive traffic to the site on Friday's launch date from what I understand. Congratulations to Mr Bradbury and all those involved. I've heard very positive feedback about it from people - mostly about the solid content - not so much about my review... which I am ever hopefully interpreting as opinion-provoking and a critical success... Feminists hating on it in other words; which is fair enough, they are naturally sensitive to the sexism in bad taste jokes about women's sexuality - as the religious are sensitive to bad taste jokes that involve their beliefs. So how lucky was it I had the presence of mind to delete this line: 'Catholics should be most appalled by 7 Sharp as they are opposed to all forms of abortion'. Very. Will have something more cerebral than these ephemeral trivialities next week.


At 3/3/13 2:48 pm, Blogger Grant Buist said...

Sorry, Tim, I don't think you can blame the reaction on special interest groups - your Alison Mau crack was an equal-opportunity stinker.

At 5/3/13 10:56 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Alison Mau is big . I mean she's a tall woman . Big , some might say . And that's about it really . She could have been a great jurno ... but nah man . She's just a big girl . Smile and wave aye Alison ? Smile and wave . And bank that cheque aye Alison ? Smile and wave and bank that cheque .


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