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Saturday, March 30, 2013

TV review: The Vote

My TV review for The Daily Blog is posted up over there. The Vote: hypertastic infotainment.


At 30/3/13 6:47 pm, Blogger Tim said...

They're all just so bloody gorgeous aren't they though darling? Are they all angling for a pozzy on every mans' [ooops, every human's] best friend's forum: AFTERNOOOOOONS (wuf Jun Mora).
Jum: foreskin of novelty, un-prejudice, intellect, the connected and the unconnected (in equal value of course), champion of the 4th Estate (and reality TV alike), whose finger detects winds blowing in all directions (in equal quantity of course), the 'housewives's choice'; the intellectual's alter-ego; the man of the fair and balanced, and the man who Joe Average fawns all over. My grandson is at that stage where he's adopted a security blanket to cuddle up to too.
God I love ya Jum - you remind me of agfoibth 42-45ing cheese and various tele ads. (NOT)


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