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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pontifices Maximi

SYNOPSIS: The good news about the new Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is that he isn't a Nazi. The bad news? The old Pope is. He's still living - in a connecting apartment inside the Vatican - as a shadowy force behind the scenes in an alliance between the remnants of European Facism and the emerging force of the American Jesuits. As Ratzinger lapses into dementia his Hitler Youth brainwashing becomes manifestly apparent. Intrigue and plots foil the new pope's reforms, bishops and bankers are turning up dead all over Rome. How the ultimate odd couple will resolve their rivalry will decide the fate of the Church and the creed of their billion worshippers. It will also decide the fate of the trafficed child sex slave they are forced to harbour as the Europol taskforce close in. How long can Berlusconi's corrupt government and the idealistic young captain of the Swiss Guard support the Papacy from Hell?

Thinking Jeremy Irons for either Pope, he plays a mean pedophile. Ratzinger will basically be a zombie Dr Strangelove by the end. 'Based on reality' - yeah, sort of.


At 17/3/13 4:43 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

Tim, this is utterly absurd and beneath you, a rave like Bomber, who has lost credibility.
Do something better or get off the airwaves

At 18/3/13 3:46 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

It's a movie plot whose time has come. Nazis, Popes, zombies... it's got everything.

At 20/3/13 11:11 am, Blogger Fern said...

"It's a movie plot whose time has come." Great comment, Tim! I laughed so much I nearly fell off the sofa.


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