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Monday, March 04, 2013

MRP privatisation: it's not looting if we form a queue

When John Key says he is confident that 85'90% of Mighty River Power shares will remain in NZ hands after his government has gotten rid of 49% of it on budget day this year, he is also saying confidently that 10 - 15% will be foreign owned. This statement is more an assurance to foreign investors than domestic. 20 - 30% of the float will end up off-shore according to Key. They could have allocated that to the NZ Superfund to ensure everyone got value, but no - the unnecessary private gouging of public assets by the wealthier classes is National's open agenda. The loyalty bonus being talked of is a looter's dream: if you stick around long enough he'll hold the door open so you can have another go. It is such a simple case of self-interest and the rich getting richer (at the expense of the poor) hopefully most people can see the Torys for what they are... and vote accordingly.


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