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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jones report whitewash: blind to corruption

Shane Jones, the North Auckland motormouth, got his well-telegraphed whitewashed let-off from the Auditor-General (OAG) this afternoon over the scandal of his granting of citizenship to a dodgy Labour Party connected Chinese businessman. Shearer's exoneration and reinstatement of the right wing maverick looks to have been pre-prepared. His rehabiilitation (to No. 7 rank and the front bench) was a sure cert. The OAG accepted the nonsense excuses, giving maximum benefit of the doubt to Jones in spite of all the circumstantial evidence. There is no corruption in NZ... that's what they keep telling themselves.

Jones did his Labour buddies a favour to help a Labour donor out, even when he knew immigration and police had this guy under investigation. The fact Jones offered no reason (at the time, or now) for his decision that went against his officials' advice speaks volumes about his credibility. The immigration system is a mess of scams and rorts and dodgy characters. Considering this follows on from the 2005 scandal of another Chinese Labour donor (and list candidate), Stephen Ching, and further considering the Auckland Council multiple voting fraud allegations hanging over a Labour Sikh candidate, it would be fair to say the Labour Party are part of the problem.


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