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Friday, March 22, 2013


From what has been said so far concerning the appointment of Susan Devoy to the post of Race Relations Commissioner I am guessing that she originally put in for one of the other eight Human Rights Commissioner positions. Devoy mentioned the disability commissioner specifically in her interview with Duncan Garner, but there are five part-time positions - my guess is she was applying for one of these. But Collins - and Key - wanted a symbol and representative of the Nat's concept of "middle NZ" in the race relations role. There has never been a female in the position and so that tipped it for her. They asked her if she wanted it and she - just like with her knighthood - said yes very quickly.

Pita Sharples would make an excellent RRC. Is this where he will end up if she crashes and burns? It would trigger a by-election, so that mess might preclude what may otherwise happen. Anyone seems better than Devoy at this point. I'm reminded of the time George W Bush tried to appoint his small-time family lawyer as a Supreme Court Justice. That lasted all of a withering 48 hours from memory; but in NZ there is no committee to intervene, no pressure release or time to stage a back down if the stakeholders for that portfolio are rankled, it is up to the Minister entirely who holds the Commission.


At 22/3/13 5:07 pm, Anonymous Kev said...

That just sucks alright not having a committee to kick her arse out..!! As for Pita what the hell was he thinking when he said its marvellous that she got the job or something to that affect..!!

At 22/3/13 11:12 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Agreed! Rita Sharples would make a good RRC. It's a position he could do some good in - without having to politically sell out, or deal with the politics in having had a partner who's been embittered by a partner whose only motivation seems to have been that that Helun Kluk done me no good and.... boy will I show her.

We talk about how many past Labour supporters feel a sense of betrayal - to the extent that they may well implode if they are determined on the current path. Just as that may be so, the 'dynamic duo' just haven't understood the sense of betrayal many Maori feel having supported a Maori Party in the past.

Oh well ..... more fool them.
EKSHLY, I wish more poltishuns thought about the legacy they're going to leave - i.e. the absolute SHIT their offspring might have to deal with.
As things stand, Rita Shambles (mana-less wimp he turned out to be) and Turi (embittered old cudda shudda wudda queen - based on how she now feels about Rita) - show now just GO AWAY with dignity.
We'll promise a decent burial!

Who EVER had the temerity to chastise Winnie for that "baubles" routine FFS?
Can someone explain to me the difference!

actually - I take it back - Pita wouldn't make such a good RRC unless we hoping for an extremely quiet time as far as Human RIGHTS issues are concerned over the next few years! (Better than the Devoid though - I grant you)

At 23/3/13 1:02 pm, Blogger Zoe Black said...

I second you suggestion for Pita Sharples.

Susan Devoy, while she may have good intentions lacks the empathy required for race relations, among other things. IMHO a totally unsuitable appointment, and I've no doubt she will be a harmful influence for race relations in this country.


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