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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Census: getting personal

Following my concerns the census is collecting personal identification (rather than the data they claim to be interested in) I sent them a tweet querrying the 'statistical purposes' of making people fill out their full name and full date of birth. The first response from @2013Census was that ''It's for admin reasons so we can be sure everyone is counted.'' I thought they would say that, but they shift from a statistical purposes justification to an administratilon excuse that raises more questions. So I ask 'Is the name and DOB keyed in as data?' The reply was to go to the. What happens to your census forms?.

They tell us they digitally scan all the paperforms and destry them afterwards. What they DO NOT say - certainly nowhere I've found - is that they do not record the names and DOBs. They must be scanning everything therefore, and that means everything to identify everyone. The 'just trust us' line and assurances of legislation amounts to a skeletonised fig leaf to protect confidentiality. It isn't enough. If they admit (or at least can understand) they can have no legitimate reason to collect full names and exact DOBs then they should not demand that information. In any event it should not have to be given. The fact is as soon as they have the info it's theirs to do with as they please, it is merely a statutory amendment or regulatory order away from being over-turned. They cannot assure confidentiality, they cannot rule out future misuse. The WW1 conscription boycotters in Waikato who were rounded up because the police used the census info are testament to the fragility of such assurances.


At 6/3/13 10:01 am, Blogger Mike H said...

Good points Tim never really thought about the issues you raised.

At 6/3/13 4:06 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Thanks Tim . Since New Zealand / Aotearoa has no government and I can say that because the NZ Govt clearly has no interest in the safety , security and mental health of it's most vulnerable citizens because it costs too much ! Therefore it's no Government , is it ? Therefore , our Government , which isn't a Government is ... business . Our government isn't the democraticly elected balance post between ideologies and greed that we hope like fuck it is . It's become just greed . Parasitised by sociopaths to make a dollar . For them . Not you . Not us . Oh no .

Therefore , what the fuck is the census for then ? Is it ultimately going to improve the lot of the most disadvantaged NZ'r ? No . It hasn't in the past and won't in the future . In fact , despite the clear and present riches our land has , the plentiful supplies of food , water , minerals , fush , space and air we're fucking broke and ironically , because of the high export value of our very own stuff reflected in our lack of purchasing power with our own piss poor wages , we can't afford the stuff we produce ! How the fuck is that for a nice piece of census work ?

And how do I know we're broke ? Because single women parents can now legally whore out their bodies for a taxable income because they don't get enough to live on , on the benefit . Is that what the census revealed to our government ? Vaginas = Dollars= tax savings = happy children = contented mums = vital societies = better futures= happy , happy ? No . I don't think so . The results of previous census' hasn't explained how Sir Micky Fay has 790 million dollars , an island of his own ,a helicopter of his own and a dodgy , dodgy past of fiddling with our shit to make his millions . Fuck the census ! It's not for you and I . It's for them . Those few who have us head-fucked , that's who .

Go here . Listen to this old Billionaire . He explains it all . Went to Harvard . As did Jonky-stien .


When the day comes when we can all say ' ENOUGH ! ' . That will be the day we start to heal and to better understand the Beast that has us so captivated by petty authority and who have us so enthusiastically hurting each other and hating each other .

And ' they ' know the writings on the wall so beware the cornered rat .


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