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Monday, March 18, 2013

Auckland's crust

Tumeke blogger emeritus, @CitizenBomber, reported a severe earthquake yesterday afternoon in central Auckland. 2 quakes (3.1 and 3.9): the sway had a weird anti-gravity effect in high rises. Auckland is only very rarely struck by earthquakes, the last ones were off Waiheke Island in about 2007. Those were only 8km deep. Sunday's was 3km. The quakes in this area are volcanic related. Rangitoto is the last active cone and sits at the north west edge of the volcanic field. For those reasons I believe the next volcano will be between Motutapu and Waiheke.

The NZ government scientists seem to be divided into separate seismology and volcanology disciplines and they seem to attribute actions accordingly. Thus the NZ Herald reports a Geonet seismologist saying no evidence of a link when common sense and intuition says otherwise:

''... at the moment nothing indicates that this is leading to any volcanic eruptions.''

It would indicate potential activity in the area mentioned above. The shallowness and location indicates it is volcanic and not from a plate movement. That's what it indicates to me.



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