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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Will we be changing our Tourism slogan now?

Now The Hobbit has bombed at the Academy Awards, will our tourism slogan be 0% Middle Earth?

Destroying our brand from 100% Pure to 100% whatever Peter Jackson wants was always based on his movie franchise being popular. If the movies bombed, we bomb by association.

John Key as tourism Minister changed the tourism slogan as another one of those crony deals he likes to make. Instead of living up to our clean, green credentials he dumped the aspiration and made us 100% Middle Earth.

I suppose a semi-racist fantasy world cooked up by a stoned virgin British Professor is actually a very fitting paradigm to set NZ in.



At 26/2/13 11:31 am, Blogger Nitrium said...

People keep deluding themselves that The Hobbit is in some way shape or form a NEW ZEALAND movie. It isn't. It's a 100% corporate Hollywood movie that just happens to be filmed in New Zealand. Just check to see where the film's profits are going. Hint: they sure as shit aren't going here.
The 100% Middle Earth tourism slant is simply embarrassing - it's like table scraps to feed the dog. If it still isn't crystal clear, NZ is the dog.

At 27/2/13 12:30 am, Blogger Frank said...


I just read this from "Salon"; http://www.salon.com/2013/02/24/the_myth_of_persecution_early_christians_werent_persecuted/

The upshot is that those who are staunch religious believers will never consider facts that go against their "faith".

The same might be said, I submit, about the collective Kiwi psyche that identifies so closely with LoTR/The Hobbit, that it should be seen as a form of faith-based, quasi-religious experience.

The only ones immune to this form of identification with a fantasy-world are those outside the country.

So it's no wonder that Hollywood turned it's nose at The Hobbit. They haven't been infected by the religious nature of the "Middle Earth New Zealand" mania.

But they sure as hell are probably aware of Jackson's complicity with Warner Bros management in what was, essentially, an industrial dispute.

Jackson's gloss has melted away and I doubt if all the Weta's men (and women) can put it back together again.

At 27/2/13 7:14 am, Blogger Phil said...

Just another deceit and dodgy deal done by this non government. It's all done by the invisible hand up this puppet government's crotch. The corporates run this country, Fletcher s, SKY TV, Fairfax ( presently struggling with writedown) Downers, Fonterra, Ozzy banks ( currently booming) , Infratil, Liquor lobby, Supermarket chains, ( so many being built presently around Wellington - wonder why?... cheap liquor anyone). You and me and our whanau are being dealt to by Government. Sounds like Italians are further down that road to austerity. ACT reckons we have to much Government, I reckon our Government is a front got Corporate Interests only. Follow the money folks... it all becomes clear when you do. Good luck to you all, and look out for each other.


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