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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why are the NZ Police recruiting Christ's soldiers to battle demons?

When the above advert starting appearing on TV and stenciled onto public walls around the central city, I kept insisting to any friend within ear shot that I thought the Cop was praying and that weird creature was a demon. Everyone told me I was being crazy, 'why would the Police be so overtly religious' was the come back from my ever incredulous friends, 'You are reading too much into it', I was told. 'You really need to get a hobby', others added.

They all owe me free coffee for a month.

Posted up 4 days ago is an eye opening account of a Christian Police Officer deciding to preach to a young woman who claimed to see demons. The Officer jaw-droppingly advises the woman that the only thing that can help her with her demonic foes was God...

That’s when Lio got straight to the point. ‘When she told me those things, I simply said to her, “To be honest, the only person that can help you right now is God,” ’ explains the Tongan-born officer. ‘The reason I said that was because I’ve come to understand that with God all things are possible and that only God can help people in certain situations. With this woman thinking about committing suicide, I felt this was definitely one of those situations.’

Realising Lio was genuinely trying to help, the young woman opened up further, telling him more things that were happening to her at the time, including how she saw demons crawling on her bedroom walls nearly every night. She added that she had tried to read her Bible to combat these attacking demons, but that she would wake up in the morning and find her Bible in the toilet, without having the slightest idea of how it got there.

After hearing that, Lio took the initiative. ‘Just knowing the power of prayer, I grabbed her hand and started praying,’ he explains. ‘My prayer was simple, I just asked God to set her free from all the things that she was going through, like the demons, and that in the power of

Jesus’ name that the devil leave her alone. As we were praying, I could feel her body tense up as I think she was really scared at the time, so I’m really thankful that the power of God turned up and set her free.’

Shortly after their prayer, the young woman was cleared to go home by the hospital’s mental health department.

...this is a NZ Police Officer evangelizing to a distressed women who clearly has issues. Where the hell do they get off doing this and where the hell does the NZ Police force get off spending taxpayer money to enlist Christ's soldiers into a spiritual war with the Devil?

How does one measure a spiritual war against the Devil? What are the KPIs? Can you imagine the Police Commissioners report to the Police Minister?

"Burglaries are down 23%, drug offenses are up 7% and we've banished 14 demons from this dimension".

Let's be clear. If Jesus existed, I like what he had to say. I don't have a problem with God (if he exists) it's some of his Christian followers I can't stand.

If the NZ Police want to recruit more Christians because they perceive they might water down the alpha-male basher cops, that's fine, but be up front and recruit, don't lead them to believe that they are being recruited to fight the Prince of Darkness and all his pointy headed, cloven footed followers.

Now if you believe in God, or satan, or whatever, that's great. It is your right to believe whatever you want to believe and it is your right to express that how you like, but this guy is a cop, in a very powerful position over a very vulnerable woman, and the Police are actively recruiting other like minded demon slayers.

This is very far out of the mandate of a secular Government Department.

This is the latest example of the Police getting it staggeringly wrong with their recruitment drives. When we plot the last couple of attempts, it's a voyage of fucktardness.

There have been the petty examples. The 'Get better work stories' series where bored retail staff played out fantasy cop scenarios. I wondered aloud if the 20 something kid tired of working at Bond & Bond was really who you wanted to arm and send out on the streets.

Then there was the advert where another bored dickhead working at a car park repaints all the car parking lines to be smaller so that none of the car doors could open up. Effectively the Police were wanting to recruit arseholes.

Let's not forget their astoundingly sexist recruitment adverts in 2011 where Police claimed that they were like cougars in that they liked 'em young, too. You would think after the shock and horror revelations of the sado-masochistic pack rape culture exposed in the Louise Nicholas case that the last thing the NZ Police would ever do again is ever mention sex.

So the NZ Police are either trying to recruit arseholes, sexist pigs or Christian ghostbusters.

There is no excuse for using a Christian Police Officers deeply concerning evangelism while in uniform with a vulnerable woman in a psyche ward to recruit other like minded foot soldiers of the lamb.

There's no way you can trust the NZ mainstream media to note how out of line the cops are here, so I've sent this link to Richard Dawkins on Twitter in the hope that he can embarrass our Government into dumping the NZ Police's war on Satan.

It seems the NZ Police believe that possession is 9/10ths of the law.



At 27/2/13 3:16 pm, Blogger Arthur Monteath-Carr said...

I think you're taking a bit of a flying leap here.

The story on the Salvation Army website is an article about a Christian Police Support Network, the actions of one officer who is a member of that group, and uses the recruitment ad as an illustration.

It may transpire that this is a planted story and part of the NZ Police Force recruitment drive, but does not provide evidence that the NZ Police are actively recruiting a squad of dedicated demon-hunters, nor that they are using the phrase 'demons' in anything other than a literary way - in the same sense that we may say that a depressed person or an alcoholic is 'plagued by demons' but not actually beset by supernatural forces.

Again: If the Salvation Army piece is sourced ultimately to the Police PR apparartus and connected directly with the campaign, I'll retract, or if this Lio Kaihau is the guy in the poster or something, that's one thing.

But on the face of it, you've cleared a pretty high conclusion with a single leap.

At 27/2/13 3:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe, you are panting with a to larger brush?

the police are made up of a body of people.. separate people, and this is perhaps a one off incident.

and then you, well ok me, have to wonder did the policeman involved help that woman, help her feel safe, from what ever it was that she was feeling unsafe about, so unsafe, that the police were called in, in the first place.

also it looks to me that the woman was obviously receptive to what the policeman was trying to do, and to me, it looks like he was trying to help her feel safe, which you have to admit is part of the police MO yes? to protect people.. which can been seen as helping them feel safe. and if this is through the medium of a little faith for a person who is receptive to such things they why not? does it all have to be secular?

i presume, because i have not had the opportunity to ask, that this policeman is rational and intelligent enough to figure out quite quickly if the person involved would not be receptive to such things. i wouldn't be because i am not a christian, but that doesn't mean that i don't have any faith.. but then again does it really matter what faith. i would have to be in a similar state to figure that out..

perhaps in stead of reacting to the police advertising, and saying that it is talking about recruiting avenging Christians out for a demon hunt and prosthelytizing, that they are instead looking for people of various faiths, who feel strongly about people and community to become police officers?

Different view points show different stories.

At 27/2/13 4:02 pm, Blogger Tragik said...

Perhaps the police are reading gang affiliations like "Hell's Angels" too literally.

At 27/2/13 10:37 pm, Blogger Hayley said...

I agree with the above. You've taken what is more than likely an isolated incident and blown it up to be essentially the equivalent of those door knockers.

The world isn't black and white. One thing doesn't work for everyone. I've learnt that people from the islands do tend to be more religious than others - exampled in the SALVATION ARMY's (a religious organisation))website of a Tongan police officer who seemingly assessed the situation, was well received and actually helped (combined with the fact she was a mental health inpatient).

I think personalizing police interaction is only a positive thing. It shows growth and adaptability - just as long as they have enough training and understanding enough to sense my body language/facial expression if any of them try talk to me about a higher being.

At 28/2/13 1:35 pm, Blogger Dr Syn said...

Great now I've had flash backs to the film: The Irrefutable Truth about Demons...

At 1/3/13 12:51 am, Blogger Frank said...

Hmmm, it's all very well to say that this was a "one off" or an "unproven" situation...

But consider, for a moment, over-zealous policemen/women attending a 'domestic', and telling the woman to obey her husband as he is God's head of the household...?

Long bow to draw?

Maybe, maybe...

But there's definitely a strong religious element in the United States, affecting all sectors of their society.

You might say that doesn't affect us.

Oh contraire, it most certainly does. The current US debate on keeping firearems has surfaced here in NZ, as has certain 'conspiracy' movements. And we eat their fat-laden, artery-destroying, junk food with gusto.

We're no longer 5 years behind the rest of the world. We're now only a couple of mouse-clicks away.

At 23/11/13 7:34 am, Blogger Jeremy said...

I hate to break it to you, but mental health professionals are generally a lot less helpful than this guy. Compassion and prayer from a sober, caring voice can be just as helpful as a tranquilliser in the bum, if not more. As for the demonic stuff, the Great Commission calls for all believers to: preach the gospel; heal the sick; cast out demons. One of those is a truth encounter, the other two are power encounters, but faith feature in all of them.


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