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Friday, February 08, 2013

Why a 4 year term would be madness

A 4 year term?


See, here's my problem with a 4 year term. Because we have no upper house and only have a unicameral system that means little old NZ has the most powerful Parliament in the democratic world.

Our MPs can read any crazy bullshit they like straight into law, no other Parliament has that level of unchallenged power. I want you to ask yourself a very simple question - do you really want Politicians to have even MORE power?


You want to extend the vast power they have, for another year? We have so few checks and balances in the NZ system, and this Government are furiously busy defanging our watchdogs into lap dogs, to extend the time a Political Party can stay in power with the most powerful Parliament in the world gives me the creeps.

The baseless argument being pursued by all Politicians (except Hone I think) is that a 4 year term will allow them to focus on the big issues. Are we really that stupid? The Parliamentary system we have allows them to implement any thing they like, giving them an extra year of that power isn't going to change the focus onto long term, it just allows them to do more.

Why is is that NZers love to hand power over to authority? Whether it is the bloody Police with their vast new search and surveillance powers, or the TPPA which will give American Corporations unfettered access to our economy or now Politicians wanting another year of power.

Our weird love to be masochists in our own country never ceases to amaze me.



At 8/2/13 9:25 am, Blogger Mike H said...

Then what two four yr terms and straight onto Govt. super also I spose. Shit 3yrs of Bill English and his illiteracy is enough .
Seriously Brother most folk are content with crying into their beer then actually doing anything about it.Our universities nicely tided up and students now muzzled.No unions to speak of cept maybe those still fighting the good fight at Auckland waterfront.We fuked so to speak, look at clutch cargo jumping into parliament as quick as a miner into the whorehouse.
Its all about ME nowadays I think.
Still the die hard though I will commence the political indoctrination of my grandkids.

At 8/2/13 11:54 am, Blogger Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Would have to agree totally. We need an Upper House which Sid Holland did away with. Then perhaps a four year term.
What the hell is wrong with david Shearer in supporting this. The people have stopped it twice and would again. key knows that - he's just flying kites and making out he's in control and wants to see change.

At 8/2/13 5:45 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Without a complete overhaul of our parliamentary system, 4 years would be a total disaster. Well maybe it's because I so totally loathe the current Government and our Dear Leader. A good start might be to create a maximum of two-terms for the PM (like the US has for the president).

At 8/2/13 7:57 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Bomber . Yes , you are right . We Kiwis are masochists and it is odd that we just roll over and give in to authority . A good example of that is how most stood back and waited as people were crushed and/or suffocated as a safety-man went around with a clip board ordering rescuers back at the CTV collapse in CH CH .

A guy with a fucking clip board stopped many big burly men from getting stuck in and dragging people out of rubble ! For Gods Sake ! Wake the fuck UP !

It's TOTALLY Professor Stanly Milgram !

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Milgram )

Again ; For fucks sake ! I've been writing about this here , posting fucking links , doing the research ! Why don't you acknowledge that at least ?

I'm not here for my health or to waste my valuable time . I HAVE A WARNING FOR YOU AND YOU"RE DEAR READERS and I have yet to find a better way to get my point across .

We're being head-fucked by social psychologists employed by , or consulted by , or shagged , drugged , courted , plied and / or otherwise coerced by ... ? Frankly , I have no idea who . Ask Nigel Latta perhaps ? I just see a structure , a form that's using a psychological methodology to dis-empower us all . As such .

Fuck , it's hard to explain without sounding like I've just gone insane . Or more insane .

If there's one thing I've learned from my very much novice interest in psychology , it's just how vulnerable , normal , working , playing , fun loving people are to suggestion .

We're like little fluffy rabbits suddenly dropped into cage full of hungry ferrets .

Here we go ;

' Oh look at me ! I'm a tiny fluffy little bunny rabbit . I am soft and cuddly and I think I've put on weight . What do you think ? Do I still look good in my fur ?
[ Short drop ]
Oh ! What do we have here ? A big , long , mad , staring thing with sharp teeth ... and it's drooling ! Aw , it must be happy to see me ... '

I've just described the average TV watching New Zealander / Aotearoan .

Come , the fuck , ON !

I can't believe how many of you study the wee , tiny , little , itty bitty bits and bobs of the fucking monster ! It's right there ! Right there in front of you so ACT ! For fucks sake ! ACT !

Have none of you been in a fight in a pub ? You all stand there looking gobsmacked until some genius shouts ' Get em ! '

That's exactly what's happening here . In our beautiful country . 'Someone needs to shout ' Get em ! '

And for all you creepy Spooks out there ... I don't mean violence . I don't mean that at all . I mean we need to take responsibility and to make people aware so that at voting time , we can make an actual , informed vote .
Four years ? It doesn't matter . It really doesn't matter . Make it forty years . If we're not prepared to step up and say enough's enough then it doesn't matter how long these cunts are in .
Besides , I could look at Paula Bennett allll daaaaay looong .

At 9/2/13 12:22 am, Blogger Frank said...

Four years?


If they want us to enreust them with more power, politicians first have to show they can EARN that trust.

Three years is plenty. After all, if a government does well, it will be re-elected after three years. (Until our fetish for masochism kicks in - then we re-elect a National government to undo all the good things. That's the Kiwi way. We're f****n mad as march hares.)

At 9/2/13 5:12 am, Blogger Mike H said...

@country boy
brother thats cool post.trouble is too much psychobabble. gotta get real most folk I know don't have internet dont know what a cafe is and just get pissed and punch each other out on a Friday or Sat night.
But they are real folk you know the ones I want behind me. Real pple not groups of ideologists still shitting yellow . They like me dont want a country ruled by rich white mothers.
Im not sorry I have no 'formal' education leasts I know morally whats right , my education came in the blood sweet and tears of mine and my work mates.Now I see a weak pple fuked over by rich white.
Lets see what happens before I return from where I came.
Trouble is I see no difference for us all !!!

At 10/2/13 6:30 pm, Blogger John Walker said...

No to 4 years. I consider we have 6 years now with a pass/fail mark at 3 years.Mind you I consider pollies of whatever ilk to be lying,cheating, thieving, self serving parasites. So their behavior never surprises me. They are all running true to form


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