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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is not what a total vindication looks like Mr Key

First rule of gambling?House always wins.

Cost of Convention center? $350million
Amount of misery crushing pokie machines? 300
Cost of Gambling? $2billion

Lunch with Key? Priceless

And apparently forgetful as well. The AG says, "we do not consider that the evaluation process was transparent or even handed" - Ummm, Mr Key, that isn't a 'total vindication' in the pokies deal.

Key spinning this as a total vindication is a very good example of using the headlines and soundbites as a tool to drown out all else. Yes Key hasn't been found to be colluding for private benefit but large questions remain over the PM getting so involved in a deal.

It is clear to see that Key's personal involvement skewed the deal towards Sky City. Now the PM is a very powerful person, he can get things done and the question we ask ourselves is do we want a PM who is bending the rules to push through positive change that enriches egalitarian NZ? Sure we do, we would want a PM working hard for the people, but that's not really what John's done here is it?

Key has pushed the rules to the point of breaking to enrich a bloody casino. Of all the evil organizations that don't deserve any help whatsoever, our Prime Minister is pimping for the ugly gambling industry.

We tolerate regulated gambling the way we tolerate sex offenders being released after their sentence. Reluctantly. The nightmare of gambling prohibition would hand organized crime billions, so we put up with regulated gambling because the cure is worse than the disease.

I don't care what your little report 'clears' you of Mr Key - allowing Sky City to increase their misery machines in exchange for an ugly convention center are still crimes against society and tasteful architecture.



At 20/2/13 12:07 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

This whole shonky dodgy deal reeks of cronyism. This of course comes as no surprise to those of us who have been following this Government's "leadership".

At 20/2/13 5:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely gambling is causing 10 times more damage to our society than a marginal habit like smoking. The media parrot all the anti smoking government PR, but never question the proven family and wealth destruction caused by gambling. It should be equally marginalised and penalised.

Why don't all these profligate gamblers give me a bloody tax break, instead of siphoning all the cash to Australian shareholders.

And WHY do they have to stick their freakin convo centre in the middle of the most congested street in New Zealand? I sent 40 minutes on Hobson St last week trying to get past 6 sets of traffic lights to get home. Surely there's loads more space down by the airport.. oh and there's already a bloody convention centre out there!

At 20/2/13 9:56 pm, Blogger mick said...

When any entity can "buy" it's desired outcome regardless of existing laws or regulations, democracy ends.

At 21/2/13 8:56 am, Blogger Phil said...

No surprise here. I do wonder how, or if, he will come unstuck. He has a proven talent for knowing when to depart. He'll be off to the world bank,or IMF, wait and see.


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