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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Return of Oliver Driver

Oliver Driver is back on our screens in Sunny Skies on TV3 and he is brilliantly hilarious. I've had a love hate relationship with Oliver. I briefly had to work with him as his producer on Alt TV. I'm not saying Oliver Driver is difficult to work with but I would prefer to work at gunpoint with heroin addicted zombies at a leper penal colony than ever have to work with him again, that said, his performance on Sunny Skies is one hell of a redemption.

The writing is genius, the other actors involved are gold, but its Drivers performance that is belly achingly watchable. Sitcoms in NZ have a terrible history. Melody rules, 7 periods with Mr Gormsby and most of Billy T James late TV career are all train wrecks along NZs TV comedy history so it's brave to even try. Sunny Skies is our first sitcom that has the potential to be iconic in the way Billy T James early career was.

It's a joy to finally find a NZ Comedy that actually works on every level. Well done, I'm hooked.

Talking of NZ comedy. How wonderful that Comedy Central are replaying the Jaquie Brown Diaries and Bro Town. I was out of the house most of time when these shows first aired and it's great to be reminded how genuinely funny they are.



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