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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

So this is Waitangi Day?

So this is Waitangi Day?
And what have we done?
173 years over
And a new one just begun

So Waitangi 2013, and what have we done? How stands the state of New Zealand on its founding document between the indigenous people and its colonizers?

Nothing I think sums up our immaturity as a country than the mainstream media's myopic and infantile focus on Titewhai Harawira.

I'm seriously waiting for one of our news muppets to refer to it all as 'escortgate'. Perhaps that can be the Seven Sharp contribution for tonight? (Note: To my contempt, the NZ Herald called it 'Granny Gate' this morning - there should be a special place reserved in hell for the NZ Herald).

When you consider the 7.3% unemployment, the 270 000 kids in poverty and the highest level of inequality ever recorded impact negatively most on Maori that there would be a rich vein of issues to mine, but no.

Instead of asking why a multi-millionaire leader is running a country that is damaging Maori most on the day we respect the Treaty, instead of asking why John Key is ramming through asset sales that further disempower Maori economically, instead of asking why the only employment opportunities are the 40 hours prisoners will be forced to work in John Key's corporate gulags and how private prisons will now use Maori as slave labour- instead of all of that - what do our blessed mainstream corporate media decide is the most important issue on the day of our founding?

Whether that awful Titewhai is holding the country to ransom by holding the PMs hand???

Nothing shows us how far we have to grow up on the birth of our nation than our media's juvenile fetish with Titewhai.

Were the media doing this as a victory lap for Paul Holmes? One more burning cross of race baiting for the grand old race baiter as he's laid to rest?

When you consider how many Maori are jobless and living in Poverty, you would think msm could focus on something real instead of Titewhai. But no, being a staunch and radical Maori women means the deck is stacked against her and the narrative of her as a wrecker and a bully is deliciously smeared across the media with all the joy of a deranged chimp throwing feces.

It is the media who are focusing on Titewhai Harawira so that the far bigger issues of the Treaty being honoured during a time of gathering poverty are totally ignored. They do it to add drama rather than add light. They do it because it plays into every stereotype their aging Pakeha viewers love to rely on to explain why Maori do so poorly rather than any consideration of all the Treaty breaches and theft conducted by our colonial forefathers. They do it for the ratings.

Thank you for keeping us stupid and angry mainstream media.

We are a nation of sleepy hobbits who are blinded by our petty racism. Our ability to move beyond the garden variety bigotry that someone like Paul Holmes imbued won't happen in NZ until the current generation of baby boomers have had power taken from them.

Seeing as many Gen Xers have fled NZ, that day is a long way off.

So this is Waitangi Day. Another year of feral denial by Pakeha amidst increasing Maori decline.



At 6/2/13 8:01 am, Blogger 1stNationz said...

The NZ Herald has already labelled it 'Granny-gate' so you weren't far off.

Also it's not an agreement between Indigenous people and colonisers, Te Tiriti was an agreement between Nations and partners.

Great blog though, keep it up :)

At 6/2/13 8:02 am, Blogger 1stNationz said...

The NZ Herald has already labelled it 'Granny-gate' so you weren't far off.

Also it's not an agreement between Indigenous people and colonisers, Te Tiriti was an agreement between Nations and partners.

Great blog though, keep it up :)

At 6/2/13 10:10 am, Blogger Mike H said...

Nice one Bomber.I am sick to the back teeth of media always focusing on small issues at Waitangi. Titewkai's actions should be dealt with by the marae. I would like to escort Key and his Ilk into the sea .
For the life of me I cannot find where I read that at the time one chief was reported to have said we will never be one people unless the Maori flag flies along side that of the English. The Maori flag being the flag of the united tribes. I am saddened on this day that many many Pakeha, Tau iwi have forgotten the input our old people of both races put into this country and of the blood sacrifices made that seem now to be forgotten. Some need to consider the patience Maori have shown in the years and years it has taken them to progress legitimate claims for the absolute wrong doings of the English invaders.We cannot and never will be 'one' people but we can, as some have learn, to understand and live alongside one another without the cancer of the greed of the European.

At 6/2/13 10:51 am, Blogger countryboy said...

O.k. I'll bite . Like the big dumb white tit I am .
Waitangi Day is indeed a conundrum .

I wonder what might have happened if the first waka houras full or Maori and the first boat load of European / British extraction types had rolled up to matching beaches on the same day at the same time , and as they eyed each other up , as they stepped onto dry land at precisely the same time and both peoples said in precise tone in perfect harmony . ' This land is mine ! Mine ! All mine !

You can bet your boots there'd a been none of that there ' lets sit down and talk this through ' stuff going on . There'd a been the sounds of musket fire , skulls cracking and a moaning and a wailing .

The fact that Maori were the first people here ; ( The Maori, New Zealand's native people, by most accounts settled in New Zealand in the 14th century, although some speculate that they may have arrived as early as 1150 A.D. They are of Polynesian descent but may have originally lived on the mainland of what is now modern China [source: Maori.com]. ) is certainly annoying hence the conundrum for all us white folk who like to call New Zealand our home-place . Certainly me .
However :
( Fast forward 1000 years . )
Here we are , fighting over the interpretation of a document drawn up by cunning bastards , for cunning bastards meanwhile all us real , human , normals cop the consequences of Mad Cunts playing Tough Guys . Stupidity unites all Nations , not love or kindness and the whole stinking mess is stirred up by those few zealots using deadly force , i.e. the MSM to create Hate and Division .
Trust me . Nothing would make Jonky-stien shit his little- johnny-pants more than if racial Peace and Harmony was the outcome of Waitangi Day .
Finally ;
My one Waitangi Day questions would be ...

Why did Titewhai Harawira even touch Jonky-Stien ? What has Jonky got to do with Waitangi Day ? Why was he , in fact , there ?
He had a beer with a long suffering Prince William . That doesn't make the wanker a Royalist !
Jonky is covered in Corporate American Sperm-Dollars , he has no interest in Waitangi day , he has no interest in Maori , he has no interest in Kiwis et al .
So , again . Why did Titewhai Harawira hold the scheming , lying , little lizards clammy hand then ? And don't tell me it was Marae protocol . That'd be just silly . It's like Jews walking Hitler , hand in hand to a bar mitzvah in Auschwitz .It was the most bizarre thing for this ignorant , white man to witness , this year particularly .
Government involvement across the board should have been boycotted in my view . None of the politician/fuckers are there for Maori , or the poor , or frankly just normal people . It's certainly not to celebrate the signing of a document between Maori and The Crown . If anything , it was as you Bomber pointed out , to celebrate how the MSM has once again managed to pull the wool over everybody's eyes . Again .
I don't know about you's but I'm putting on my gurgler surfing helmet .

At 6/2/13 11:36 am, Blogger FamilyHome said...

The Latinos are having much more children than the whites in America, that eventually the voting power will change.

Iwi need to encourage / support Maori families to have more children, much like the French tax system does.

Likewise get the IRA down here to teach subversion.

Get radical / Get Legal.


At 6/2/13 1:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seven Sharp’s debut poll and the constant MSM chatter over Key’s escort could make anyone believe Waitangi Day is some new cheesy interactive reality show.

Is this what our media has stooped to? News and current affairs taking on a trashy corporate reality TV type format? Since when is Key a prize for anyone?

Then you have to give the MSM some credit. Monday night, One News mentioned in their story on Waitangi Day Maori discontent with the escort affair as being a cover for more pressing matters, though with a microsecond lapse in concentration you would have missed the point.

Titewhai Harawira or any other candidate as escort at Waitangi must be very different from the type of escort I believe Key is familiar with. You know the type that gets paid for their services of an altogether different nature.

Great blog post and comments, made my day it has.

At 6/2/13 2:04 pm, Blogger Mike H said...

to country boy first not all Maori believe they were the first here.
On arrival at the mouth of the Whanganui River two 'scouts' were sent inland and reported that 'the fires of occupancy still burn'
It is a total mistake to say that Maori are one people.They were never and will never one people.
Similar to the Irish nationals and Irish British the Welsh and the Scot. However your post is want this country needs to discuss if we ever want to move forward.
Titiwhai will be her self,anti pakeha,make no bones about that but i can see where she is coming from. She is and was a very strong Maori Wahine and she gave this country two very strong leaders.
In time i feel NZ will become a destination of those with and those without will serve them .
But rest assured like my great grandfather (maternal) and gg grandfather (paternal) I will not lie before the English, nor before a coin of value to others, other than oneself.It is not by which we own that we are defined rather it is in human spirit and what we can give to others. I will and will teach my grandchildren to go out on their feet rather than on their knees.

At 7/2/13 9:37 am, Blogger Phil said...

A clever manouevre by JK to stand back and, with MSM assistance, allow Maori interests to provide the trivia and 'human interest' for the mainstream media spin. Oh so predictable. Credit to JK for tactical nous.


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