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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So documents prove Hobbit was never going offshore - who is going to apologize to the Union movement first?

Well, well, well. What do we have here then...

A later email between Ms Blackwood and Mr Brownlee showed that New Line Cinema did not plan to film The Hobbit in a different country, despite its concerns about the labour dispute.

Government warned in October 2010 that the films could be moved offshore if the dispute was not resolved.

As Tumeke has always argued, this was a manufactured crisis.

Threatening to leave was always a negotiating tactic. Once the great deal maker John Key had invested so much political treasure by blaming the Unions, he had no choice but to give Warner Bros everything they bloody wanted because the stakes he had created meant Key had to agree to any corporate welfare they demanded.

So much for the great deal maker. He got painted into a convention center by a one-armed bandit. I wouldn't trust Key to negotiate

You just know in their private jet back to Hollywood those Warner Bros executives laughingly referred to us as Shire Folk. We got played like chumps.

Remember how the Union protest march with 20 000 taking to the streets to protest harsh new employment law was totally eclipsed by the manufactured crisis at the hobbit march?

When will the mainstream apologise to NZ?

You would need to go back to the 1951 lockout to see that level of anti-union hysteria. Remember Helen Kelly and Robyn Malcolm faced death threats over this?

Remember that? Death threats.

But there's no admission from the right wing of NZ that their feral hatred of Unions is to blame, oh no. Any criticism of the Hobbit is shouted down by National as 'hobbit hating'?

Let's get this straight shall we? I'm not a 'Hobbit denier'. I don't 'hate hobbits' Mr Key - I hate cronyism, corporate welfare and anti-union hysteria.

This whole sorry smelly mess where we re-wrote our labour laws for a foreign corporation and the ease with which so many NZers were manipulated into becoming a lynch mob should really kick some kiwis up the bum for their unquestioning consumption of mainstream media spin.

Stupid hobbitses.

We should be 100% Muddled Earth.



At 27/2/13 8:18 am, Blogger countryboy said...

And all this makes Sir Peter Jackson with his pathetic , dewy eyed pleadings look like a complete and total cunt . I'm burning my copy of ' Meet The feebles ' as I write . When life imitates art , well , that's ok but when art starts to imitate life . That's a whole different beastie . I used to think Jackson was extraordinary for his ability to get things done . Now , I see him as nothing more than a greedy traitor in a corporate jet , flying over and looking down on the people he swindled and sold out and who loved him and worked so hard for him .

As for Shonky Jonky-stien ? No surprises there for me . Already a practiced liar , a highly trained scam artist and bolstered by some serious dollar-clout , he has a vast and open playground to romp over and destroy for his sweaty , sticky , power insanities and ego fueled aspirations .

The reason for any old , dirty old 'john' to be able to come along and fuck us virgins over isn't because us Hobbits are determinedly ignorant . We are innocently ignorant . The great majority or people 'out there' get all their information from the MSM . They've never fucking heard of Tumeke . They still actually believe jonky is the man for the job .

Here's a task for today everybody . ( Tell me to fuck off later ) Promote Tumeke . Promote The Daily Blog .[pending ] Shove it into peoples faces . Plant the seeds . The majority , the masses , they need to be involved . It's our only hope .

Brown and White ! Unite !
Ignorance is no excuse although it is easier .
Live life in Three D . Don't Do Debt !

What are your mantras ?

At 1/3/13 12:37 am, Blogger Frank said...

Loving your style, Countryboy. Don't ever give up, or I'll hunt you down and nag you to keep doing your Thing.

What are my mantras?

When people ask me how to get rid of this rotten government, I reply smply,

"Do what you're doing now - but more of it."

As for Jackson. His gloss has washed away in a carbolic stream of self-interest and media glare.

The irony is that his career would NEVER have taken off had the QE2 Arts Council (as it was called back in the 1970s/80s) funded the completion of his first movie, "Bad Taste".

Now he's shafted everyone because of his obssession with film making,

"I just want to make my movie" he plaintively stated on TV news, in 2010.

He should re-do one of the early James Bonds movies. One featuring the ruthless mastermind, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who kills his own henchmen to achieve his nefarious ends.

Gee, I wonder who could play the role of Blofeld?

At 3/3/13 12:12 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Frank . Thank you . That's high praise coming from you .

Our disastrous crop of morally diseased politicians , all to a man/woman have had their dirty feet in the public trough at one time or another . That's what makes their present behaviour and blatant acts of treason so vile and ironic .

They're capitalizing on innocence and trust and as we all know , once Innocence and Trust are gone , trampled over and defaced , they're gone forever . A particularly disturbing trend within any society . It breeds hopelessness and disassociation which leads to dysfunction and decay .
Those politically inclined , greedy , selfish , sociopathic fuckers have to go ! Now !

But how ?

Inquiry Please ?

Is there a story behind Sir Micky Fay ? ( in 1994 , Sir Michael Fay described himself as " to the right of Genghis Khan when it comes to free markets " then proceeded to swindle us Kiwis out of our shit for his fancy life styles . In the immortal words of the Dali Lama ... WTF ? !

David Rishwhite ?

Big Donny Mckinnon ?

David ' Crafty ' Caygill ?

The BNZ et al ?

Ameritech and Bell Atlantic ?

270 k hungry Kiwi kids ?

Crowded prisons ?

Private Islands and 790 million in personal cash assets ?

By Jesus ! If I had been born more clever and less pretty I'd make it my life's work to peel these fuckers like grapes under the glare of the public eye .


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