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Monday, February 04, 2013

Shearer endorsed by 105% of Caucus - just like in North Korea

Shearer is the leader. Long live the leader. This PR pantomime of the leadership vote means little after the political violence meted out to Cunliffe by Hipkins and the ABCs post the media manufactured leadership challenge at the Labour Party conference.

It has all the validity of a North Korean election. But it's done, the Labour Party leadership have won in not allowing the wider membership or unions to have a say in the process, we are lumped with Shearer so let's just roll our eyes privately and soldier on.

But then Trevor Mallard goes and says something like this...

But Mr Mallard, in his thank-you speech, likened Mr Shearer's speech to the first he heard from Mr Kirk on the steps of the Wellington City Library in 1972, the year of his landslide win.

..after the bullshit 'let's just cheat strategy' adopted by Trev and the ABC maniacs over the Speaker's job last week, you would hope someone would just muzzle Trev and keep him from biting the other children in the sand pit.

Sadly not.

Trying to trick Parliament into a cheat win in the House is one thing but Trev comparing David Shearer to Norm Kirk is another.

Norm used an autocue when speaking to Labour youth did he?

Let's have a wee gander...

Yeah. Note the incredible fluidity of conversation and ability to articulate a noble left wing vision without reading it off a script?

David Shearer may be many things, Norm bloody Kirk he is not.

The reality is that the ABCs hate Cunliffe so much that even if Cunliffe had won, many MPs would openly conspire to destroy him and the Labour Party with it.

Let's just hope the leaderships paranoia has run its course and allows Cunliffe back on the front bench. We know Shearer is crap at communicating, so why keep your best communicator off the field? By taking Cunliffe back Shearer might stem the blood letting online. Seriously, when Roman Mackerel is your blogging apologist, you know you've run out of mates.

Let's get back to targeting this awful Government while ignoring how hard Labour keep making it for themselves.



At 4/2/13 10:32 pm, Blogger MCA said...

I remember Norm.
I was 12 when he died and we have never seen the like since. David Lange was the closest.
Norm Kirk was one of the influences that inspired me to be political.

Come back big norm, we need you.

At 5/2/13 10:09 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Yes . I nearly forgot to thank you for this Post Bomber .

Kirk was one of the last of the Mohicans before this fresh epidemic of liars , cowards , buffoons and fools was spawned by Muldoon and his traitorous connivings .

If I was one of the Front Benchers in Parliament today and I'd just watched that clip , I'd to too ashamed to go to work now .

At 7/2/13 5:11 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

Mitt Romney & Cunliffe. So much alike or maybe not? At least with Romney you know what you're getting as with Cunliffe? A Lemon? At least now he knows his place. Herne Bay where he represents the working class! Yeah Right!


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