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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Seven Sharp vs Campbell Live - why Seven Sharp is doomed

Remember TV3s failed version of Seven Sharp in 2010? Funny how so few of the msm pundits noted it when pimping Seven Sharp

The first thing that we can't allow to happen with Seven Sharp is for TVNZ and the msm cultural pundits to gloss over the avalanche of criticism as just 'tall poppy syndrome'. The criticism is legitimate and deep seated and the msm cultural pundits like Paul Little, Scott Kara and Colin Espiner were all horrifically wrong with their uncritical media foreplay pre the screening of last nights terrible first episode.

So let's not listen to the same uncritical msm pundits tell us to 'give it some time' - a god damned ice age could pass and Seven Sharp would still be a crime against public broadcasting. Last nights show had all the intellectual charm of a train full of school children derailing into a retirement village.

You can't call Seven Sharp 'infotainment' because it was neither informative nor entertaining.

So let's be honest about why Seven Sharp was created, because understanding that explains why it is so doomed.

TVNZ can't sell any more advertising at any greater price on Shortland Street. Shorty Street is maxed out for cost and advert placement, so TVNZs bean counters decided Close Up had to go to make way for a younger demographic that could take the advertising overlap from Shortland Street.

Seven Sharp is what happens when Marketing takes over current affairs. The promo looks like it's been shot for Shortland Street advertisers without so much as a second thought to the current affairs watching public, which is exactly what's happened.

During the dark months of Ironbridge looking to cost cut at TV3 in 2010, Campbell Live faced the exact same challenge from the abortion known as @Seven. This was a replica of Seven Sharp with comedians on a panel discussing the days events.

As I've pointed out several times, this panel format can work (we do it on Citizen A 7.30pm Thursdays on Face Television, Sky 89), but it works when you have smart people articulating perspectives on the news in an interesting and entertaining manner and when it's subversive. Seven Sharp, just like @Seven is not smart intelligent opinions on the news and it certainly isn't subversive, it's been created as a vehicle to sell a younger demographic of adverts around.

What Campbell Live has understood is the zeitgeist change in NZ. During one of the steepest recessions in modern times, we have 7.3% unemployment, 270 000 kids in poverty and the highest inequality ever recorded. When NZers can't afford to be consumers, they suddenly remember that they are citizens.

With the death of TVNZ7 and the dumbing down of most critical media, Campbell Live needs our support more than ever. If you want the powerful held to account, it's time to vote with your remote.

We get the media we deserve.



At 5/2/13 3:59 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

It sounds exactly like an attempt to copy The Project on Channel 10 across the ditch. Original ideas are few and far between.

At 5/2/13 6:36 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Well I watched it last night. Just what I expected, despite Greg Boyed's pumping on Breakfast, where he derided "reviews" of Seven Sharp because the show had not even aired. Here's news for you, Greg, the show is EXACTLY the turd the "early" reviews said it would be. The mock Poll, which the disgraced shotputter actually won, says it all really.


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