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Monday, February 11, 2013

NZ Police scum tactics & Rob Gilchrist - why was he allowed to send them explicit pictures of teen activists?

Police spy sues for mental pain
A former police informant who spied on protest groups is planning to sue police for the consequences of his decade of deception.

Rob Gilchrist was outed in December 2008 after his girlfriend, animal rights and Labour activist Rochelle Rees, stumbled across police emails when he asked her to fix his computer.

Mr Gilchrist, now in his mid-40s, was a member of many of the groups on which he reported to police. He has since suffered from depression and says his life has been threatened.

The scum tactics the NZ Police used when they paid traitor Rob Gilchrist have never been fully investigated. That the NZ Police have so much time on their hands that they can pay an informant to spy on protest groups rather than the organized crime they gain these vast search and surveillance powers for in the first place has never been deeply investigated by the media.

I personally think Gilchrist is the lowest piece of trash in NZ and am very glad to see him se depressed and his life turn. It's called karma Rob, and i know you are egotistical enough to google your name and see this post. That you turned on peace activists and environmental activists and poverty activists should forever be your shame and treachery.

That said, it was his Police handlers who should be now be hunted down and embarrassed. If as Gilchrist says he was used as a 'walking search warrant' then that needs investigation.

The most disturbing allegation now is that Gilchrist sent explicit photos of teenage activists to the NZ Police and they seemed to think that was appropriate?

The deep sexism and alpha male old boys club of the NZ Police is poking its ugly head up again. Shouldn't the NZ Police be trying to crack down on organized crime rather than Greenpeace?



At 12/2/13 7:11 am, Blogger Mike H said...

As most are aware paid informers aren't new nor any surprise.Yes Gilchrist is scum but organizations should learn each time they are infiltrated, but do they ?
Of concern to all of us I believe is exactly how accurate or true is the information they supply. We have seen first hand how manipulative search warrants can become by cops hell bent on making certain stories become fact.Most would have read the 156-157 page affidavit supporting the actions of operation 8 initial search warrants. No wonder its still suppressed. nice creative writing that one, and I have done a few myself.
'The deep sexism and alpha male old boys club of the NZ Police is poking its ugly head up again.' Think we need to ask was the head actually pulled in ?

At 12/2/13 7:41 am, Blogger Raph NZ said...

The problem is this is why criminal organisations use real crimes as initiations and/or only develop people from a young age... because narks are everywhere.

They should get rid of all undercover programs they are constantly proven anti productive and often the under-covers are the most prolific criminals. In the US they have been used to plan terrorism! They have the power and technology that they are no longer needed.

At 12/2/13 12:36 pm, Blogger Mike H said...

I can catch your drift Raph and there would be heaps of ex UC's in NZ that would concur.
However whether we like it or not real human intel can never be replaced.look at the electronic intel obtained for the above mentioned affidavits on op 8 it still got the original warrants even though it were crap.
The police had no real human intel for this and it turned into a complete circus and a very traumatic time for the people of Ngai Tuhoe as well as others who are only trying to stop the human race killing ourselves off.
Gilchrist got his 30 pieces silver and now thats gone and he, like every other weak kneed bastard in this country, is crying for more. Money that is.

At 12/2/13 6:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

http://boundmaus.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/a-thousand-apologies-owed-none-received/ As the said teenager, I also would like to know why the police accepted the photos, and why they didn't tell him that it wasn't relevant, appropriate, and was in fact sexual violation.

At 14/2/13 11:01 am, Blogger Frank said...

One hopes that there will be a Commission of Inquiry (preferably led by a non-NZ judge - but will any take the job?) to look into this whole sordid affair.

If Police heads roll for this kind of activity, then so be it.


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