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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Key's Waitangi Bash & Dash

Key after his bash and dash.

Astoundingly according to John Key, Maori aren't succeeding because of Titewhai!? and here was I thinking it was all that land stealing and only paying 1% in reparation back?

In my list of predictions for last year, I said of the water sale asset before the Supreme Court that if Key loses the case, he may well consider a snap election by the end of the year to seek a political mandate, or step down altogether. The ruling will be crucial for the Government and if goes against them expect a Maori bashing season that will make Don Brash look like a paid up member of MANA.

And so it comes to pass. Key's dog whistle attack on Maori activists in his bash and dash at Waitangi is the first flirt with redneck NZ in the foreplay leading up to the Supreme Court ruling. Key's perfectly pitched race baiting sets the threshold of when he must act as low as 'public good will', if the Supreme Court rules in favour of Maoridom, expect Key to pull out all the stops to wind NZ up over race in his desire to ram the asset sale legislation through by force.

'Dem Maori's is stealing our water' will become the mantra blurted out in the NZ Herald, ZB and Seven Sharp.

That Key comes out attacking Maori for protesting at a time when inequality is at it's highest and poverty at it's deepest is just the most beautiful Machiavellian set up since Muldoon turned rugby loving rednecks against anti-aparthied protesters.

National can't win the 2014 election based on their record in power, their policies only benefit the rich. National will fight 2014 by race baiting and fear mongering.

It's genius because the sleepy hobbits will lap it up.

No one ever lost an election by bashing Maori and beneficiaries.



At 7/2/13 9:09 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Jonky-Stien and Shearer The Shadow should never have been allowed to walk about so freely at Waitangai .

Everybody there should have pelted them with excrement , the creatures that shat the excrement and the excrement of ones own making .

Rotten Tomatoes are the fruit of choice for such occasions and not one was flung .
Eggs ! Not one single egg ? Better yet , throw an egg with a chicken around it ! Nothing .

Wee Pink Jonky-Stien should have been pelted into the sunset but then given the price of fruit and vegetables ...

When someone figures out how to connect the burning fuse that is the family-less , whanau-less addiction-victim poor white kids with the burning fuse that is lost soul brown kids relegated to rubbish dump status by a monstrous , white bias , advertising machine to the same bomb ... ?

Ka fuckin' Boom mutha fucka !

What hang-mans rope goes with a pink Bob Charles shirt ?

There's all that energy but no focusing mechanism .

At 7/2/13 2:16 pm, Blogger JonL said...

"There's all that energy but no focusing mechanism "
quite so, but, how to focus it?


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