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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Haere ra, e hoa

My comrade in blogging, Mr Bradbury, is departing for a new venture. He will leave a very large hole in the output of this blog.  I cannot expect to match his prolific and consistent blogging because he is quite simply one of the best exponents of the blog form in this country. Even those on the other side must acknowledge this. He is a blogging super nova in our universe and the combination of stars he has attracted under a new banner will affect the gravitational pull in the blogosphere and I wish him all the best in expanding the horizon (and I'll be supporting this with television reviews).  The popularity - and I hope that proves to be an enduring popularity - of this bog is really due to him.  Giving in to his nagging about running him as a guest blog was the best thing I ever did for Tumeke! After the very difficult episode of my sedition trial and jailing, Mr Bradbury used his media muscle to take a  few dozen hits a day website to the hundreds and thousands when he posted my blogs from prison. His blistering critiques of government and the establishment found an immediate audience and set a pace that has not relented. He stepped up to the mark, over the mark, ate the mark,  passed the mark and all before 6:30am and all in one sentence. We had few disagreements - remarkably few, too few to mention. My comrade will be sorely missed. So what now for Tumeke!? More of something different, but not quite yet. And it will have to be a lot more. But tomorrow is the launch of the The Daily Blog - not the relaunch of Tumeke - and I look forward to what this new place may become as part of our small universe.


At 3/3/13 11:44 am, Blogger countryboy said...

I stumbled upon Tumeke by complete accident ( Do people deliberately stumble ??) And thank God for that . Tumeke has been a place for me to head with a brain full of reactionary fire and brimstone . My personal vendettas and fury has , to some degree been sated by being able to vent my spleen here and for that , I have Martyn Bradbury to thank . I wish I could do more to help drive the budding Tumeke Juggernaut along . Good luck in life Bomber . Vive bene , spesso L`maore , di risata molto !

' Live well , love often and laugh much ! '

P.S. If I may continue my association with Tumeke @ Tim Selwyn ? It's becoming a proud association indeed . A new , New Zealand icon . History in the making .

At 4/3/13 7:32 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

Yep, Tumeke has been my go to blog for some time now, also stumbled upon, and will continue to be.. (still cached in my browser) where I go for information, links and laughs (thanks @countryboy). Whilst Bomber has hit the blogosphere with his own version of the large Hadron collider, what direction Tumeke takes will be an interesting twist of events as I'll bet that you, Tim, know a great deal of rocks to be unturned in tandem with the creation of random black holes and horizons at the Daily Blog. In these coming days I think people will need to stay informed re: wrangling with bureaucracy, staying focussed on the need to be able to vote with surety when the time comes and accessing relevant media. May the 4s continue....


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