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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear World - we are very, very, very sorry for Richard Prosser

Prosser wanna cracker or Prosser is a cracker?

When I first heard what Prosser had said, I thought that it was some crazy nonsense he had written a decade ago in Investigate Magazine. His demands that young Muslim men can't fly on 'our airlines' just sounded so 2002. You know what I mean? The sort of mutant thinking warped within the shadow of 9/11 by frightened idiots.

Then I read it's something he wrote a couple of weeks ago, the catalyst being a temper tantrum he threw over not being able to take a pen knife onto a flight???

Let's ignore the staggering racism, let's ignore his bullshit reasoning and let's ignore that the only on flight terrorism NZ has ever faced was from a woman on a regional flight and a pakeha trying to fly his plane into the Sky Tower - let's just focus on Prosser and the political ramifications.

If this news gets global and causes vast anger, Winston has no choice but to sack him. The last thing anyone wants here is a global incident caused by this dickhead.

Frankly I just don't think NZers share Prosser's Muslim bigotry. Our racism is casual and always focused at Maori or Asians because they threaten Pakeha economic dominance, NZs 30 000 Muslims don't really do that and Prosser's words will probably have a detrimental impact on NZ First's poll ratings.

Why Brendan Horan had to be kicked out of the Party, but Prosser's hate seems okay are double standards that are not helping NZ First.

I said the political freak show Winston brought in on his coat tails would implode before 2014, I just didn't think it would begin so quickly.



At 13/2/13 11:10 am, Blogger Glenda said...

Stupid stupid ignorant embicile! This comment will indeed have a detrimental impact on the political agenda..he deserves to get kicked out but not before making an apology (and meaningful) to the Muslim people..there are good and bad in all..and as for your pen knife, get over yourself you fool!

At 15/2/13 5:41 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

People like Prosser are vital to society . They keep good people on their toes . I love it when Prosser types stir up trouble . Better that , than he kept his cruel little lips pulled tight over his meat eating teeth and did his nasty work behind closed doors and so have his way .

While on the subject of NZ ' First ' .
It's my belief that Mr PinStripe or Winsome Bleaters is a crook and a dodgy Machiavellian and his true allegiance is with that fucking swindling creep Michael Fay and his cronies .

See this February's issue of North and South . Outrageous !

At 15/2/13 10:29 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

how much you bet Bomber, I bet you $1000 NZ First return to parliament in 2014, come on out of your corner Bomber, go on Bomber put your mouth down and your money down, I have another separate bet with my friend you havn't got the guts big mouth


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