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Friday, February 08, 2013

Citizen A with Phoebe Fletcher & Selwyn Manning

Citizen A with Phoebe Fletcher & Selwyn Manning

Issue 1: Did the mainstream media's Titewhai fetish manage to gloss over bigger issues on Waitangi Day?

Issue 2: Is the Government stacking the Human Rights Commission and turning our watchdogs into lap dogs?

and Issue 3 tonight: Does Seven Sharp represent a new low point in current affairs and Western Civilization?

Citizen A broadcasts on FACE Television, 7.30pm Thursday Sky 89 & Auckland UHF



At 9/2/13 8:13 am, Blogger Phil said...

Seven sharp isn't a new low, as much as I have watched, SS, is just as vacuous as what it replaced. It does represent a better choice than we had before, with the Sainsbury versus Campbell contest. SS is another option, along with the off/remote button. Campbell Live has won the fight with Closeup and this reflects poorly on TVNZ. I'm against selling state assets but as its not one, sell TVNZ. It has become a front for corporate interests, much like the government. Unfortunately, Radio New Zealand is slowly slipping down the same slope. New CEO for RNZ due soon, as you know BB. Looking forward to watching Tumeke on the net, and other TV. Freeview is 99% rubbish. We have two Chinese channels which have some quality stuff, though the accents are hard to understand.

At 9/2/13 11:00 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

After watching 7 blunt's bit on nude men, aired with the inference that their nudity was fine and little old ladies and innocent children should just get with the times and be comfortable with overfed middle aged mens' bits wobbling all over the show, I decided it borders on the creepy. Damned creepy, I say!!


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