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Friday, February 01, 2013

Citizen A with Keith Locke & Chris Trotter

Citizen A with Keith Locke & Chris Trotter

Issue 1: The start of the political year sees National, Labour and Greens launch their state of the nation addresses - what inspired and what fell flat?

Issue 2: Inequality is now higher than at any time in NZ history - why has this happened in the egalitarian society that inspired universal suffrage?

and Issue 3: You will all be relieved to know that the mystery spy who visited Wellington last year was the NSA director General Keith Alexander. So why is he visiting NZ 4 times a year?

Citizen A broadcasts on Auckland UHF and will start transmitting on Sky TV on their new public service broadcasting channel 'FACE Television' February 7th February 2013.



At 1/2/13 9:43 am, Blogger Mike H said...

Damn you fellas I am going to have to make Tumeke my home page.Was intending to be apolitical this year but every day that passes with a national Government at the reigns makes me wonder for my grandchildren.Lets face it NZ has no political opposition,they are all talk and no action.Remember that halfwit English stating openly that our students need to take a lesson on protesting from greeks last year. Thats what I mean if that piss weak excuse for a human being wants civil unrest then give it to them I say. We all seem to be 'pussy whipped'.
WQe all have sat and watched successive governments and their lap dogs erode our civil rights,bring state violence into the homes of peaceful Maori and do the bidding of the USA on calm folk trying to make a living here.The NZ Police making their own cases and having senior members lying in court on camera and what happens.. nothing. The response from the general public? Nothing too scarred it seems to air their anger as the state has everyone believing we need them. Its the other way around they need us!
Sry about the rant but I get passionate about our country and our people. thanks folks.

At 1/2/13 9:16 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Mike H . Ha ! If I may be so bold , welcome to the frustrated fold and never , ever apologize for ranting . It's called passionate expression everywhere else in the world , except here of course . The Tall poppy killing fields .

I myself cause much eye rolling , which must be good for the health of the eye so I feel I do my bit .

It's irony season in the Tall Poppy Killing fields . Manufacturers are feeling the pinch because they can no longer enjoy covert protection from the very people who put them in there .

Farmers , turned Blue by years of successive arse kissing and cocking sucking by generations of whoring politicians sniffing around money and power are the New Hated , Loathed and necessary which frankly makes them even more hated and loathsome .

I see down here , doofus farmers barely knowing how to spend their new wealth so they buy a Ford or a Holden then drive them like the hate them ???

New Zealand is it's own worst enemy for no other reason than that it's just so gorgeous , private and aloof . It's almost unbelievable beauty , resource rich lands and seas teeming with fish you never see in supermarkets here is it's undoing because there's always been some fucking scumbag trying to rip it's knickers down behind the bike shed .

That NSA cocksucker is here because he's been told to be here by those select few soulless cunts at 740 Park Avenue . He's here to report back on there investments .

My old Aunt used to say ' If it doesn't make sense , some cunt's making money out of it . '

Blogger Power looks like it might do the trick but my God , there will be a shit-fight before significant change happens .

I just want to see the day roger douglas goes to prison . As an inmate I hasten to add .


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