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Saturday, February 02, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Talent 2 who provided NZ with Novopay also sell Monorails

Talent2 officials at the Ministry of Education last year.
Oh God the Novopay fiasco is sounding more and more like a case of Australian used car salesmen scamming the local sleepy hobbits doesn't it?

For all of Steven Joyce's tup thumping, we've been played like chumps.

You get the horrific feeling that Talent2's sales pitch went a something like this...

Talent2: Well, Minister, there's nothing on earth Like a genuine, Bona fide, Electrified, Seven-figure Novopay! What'd I say?
Ministry of Education: Novopay!
Talent2: What's it called?
Steven Joyce & Judith Collins: Novopay!
Talent2: That's right! Novopay! [Caucus chants `Novopay' softly and rhythmically]
Treasury: I hear these things are awfully costly...
Talent2: Don't worry friend, it'll hurt teachers mostly
John Key: Is there a chance the system could bend?
Talent2: not on your life my National friend,
Tau Henare: The charm came of my Speakers ambition
Talent2: Don't worry friend, they intend to lose you to attrition. I swear it's New Zealand's only choice, throw up your hands and raise your voice
Everyone: Novopay, Novopay, NOVOPAY!
Hekia Parata: Novo....D'oh!



At 2/2/13 8:44 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

its not relevant yet it is dept. So this government is so overloaded with business talent that when they sold Owen Glen his knighthood, they let him leave the motel room without putting the cash on the bedside table.
According to today's fishwrap
Owen got his knighthood cause he promised to shell out millions to assorted Nat crony organised charities. Key announced the gong in the new year honours list & now Sir Owen has shot thru overseas shoutin "the cheque is in the mail" as he decamps via Mangere.
Fair enuff from Glenn's point of view he gave winston a coupla hunnerd grand to be made NZ consul to Monaco but the nats whined about that until Glenn hadta back off. It musta been cause they didn't get their snout in the trough eh!

At least winston, who has been round the block a coupla times with some pretty sharp operators, had the sense to get the money up front. Unlike jonkey, who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to actually closing a deal.

Glen is on pretty safe ground if he chooses to permanently reneg. Teh Natz gettin Betty to take back the gong would be too humiliating - wipe the drippy grin offa jonkey's face for quite a while.
They'll try n play it down. The charities seem to be stayin schtum, tho someone close to the action, is leaking this typically kiwi story of greed trumping competence to amuse us all in these grim times.

At 5/2/13 1:16 pm, Blogger Richard Nelson said...

Nova is a fucked unit why fix something that was not broken with something that is broken some needs to get fired for this.


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