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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Bashing the dirty filthy bennie

Beneficiary piƱatas in the National Party creche inside the Bee Hive

It's official! Beneficiary bashing is our new favorite cultural past time alongside alcoholism and domestic violence.

The hatred Paula Bennett has been able to whip up around beneficiaries has been special. Going onto Michael Laws talk-hate radio show to chat about restricting DPB mothers and daughters from breeding was a charmer. Releasing the personal details of a solo mum who challenged her in public only to have to pay a secret settlement after the Human Rights Commission reprimanded her for a privacy breach was inspiring, and Paula's ability to produce statistics that hide the disqualifications from welfare to suggest fewer people on welfare is a neat trick worthy of the mindfreak, Chris Angel.

You get the feeling that the hatred towards the dirty filthy bennie runs deep in Parliament. My impression is that the National Party creche in the Beehive has a beneficiary pinata they bring out for their children to bash with 'Paula sticks' until all the sweet taxpayer money is smashed out of their hollow paper mache bodies.

National needs the hatred of the dirty filthy bennie to be at the forefront of the NZers minds. National are about to implement their latest round of welfare cuts aimed at ways to disqualify beneficiaries rather than get them a job.

The working poor of NZ look at the pathetic hourly wage they earn and eye up the welfare cheque with envy. Rather than blame National for implementing far right employment law in the 1990s that depressed wages to the paltry levels they are today, they buy into National's morality narrative and gleefully bash the beneficiary poor.

Beneficiaries are too disconnected from the voting process to fight back and so are an easy target. Doesn't matter if it's David Shearer and his fictitious bennie on the roof or it's John Key blaming poor people for getting hand outs at food banks, our love to grind, smash, crucify, torture, belittle, degrade, harass, spit on, piss on and shit on beneficiaries knows no ends.



At 6/2/13 8:27 pm, Blogger Mike H said...

Right there Brother.The fickle soon forget that fukin wanker English renting his own house out to himself and claiming the money on accommodation allowances for politicians, our that fuckin Doctor scamming ACC even though he earned $170 k from the bastards.
Then you got that other toss pot bald dork Brash saying he Don't mind illegal immigrants working in NZ, Christchurch, taking jobs from kiwis!!! FFS where do these people come from.
I admit it yea I draw a benefit not my fault my porch light flickers,lift don't always reach the top floor.But i tell you all something for nothing, this bunch of bastards keep poking the shit and i'll revert to skills I learnt from the age 18 and I wont take from already stretched working person.
Tell me what would happen to this economy if all the 'welfare' dollars were removed ??? including those directly or indirectly employed by it?
It has been and always will be Nationals policy to target the weak the poor the needy just watch what happens when they bit back.

At 7/2/13 9:52 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Please , let me ask these questions .

What does one do with a bully ?

Whimper and cringe ?

Avoid , and avert the eyes ?

Move ?

Suicide ?

Become another bully ?

Or ... smack that bully down ?

If paula bennett is such a cunt then why can she still freely move about unhindered ?

Ok , the inertia that is the mass of her gigantic arse cheeks is certainly a problem of physics but when tyrants or dictators prance about they usually have to do so while looking over their shoulders . OK , paula bennett has no neck upon which to swivel her offensive little cranium but you get the picture .

Time's up for these bastards . They have to go . By what ever means . Time's up .

Citizens of Aotearoa / New Zealand have to get rid of this vile minority .

And I don't agree that there is a large number of red neck haters out there in support of jonky-stien . Despite what one might be led to believe from Talk Back Radio or the Herald .

The working type people in the New Zealand hinterland are in fact horrified at what's happening from what I can gauge .

Lets keep it simple too .

What's happening in NZ isn't some deep and meaningful secret , special thing that belongs to the most highly educated and well connected .

It's a frighteningly simple methodology .

It's just Greed fueled by Bullshit . Ask any successful real estate agent how effective that system is . Our country is in fact being run by second hand car sales persons and real estate agents ! Worried yet ?

They just have to convince us NZ people that running our country is an unfathomably complex and difficult thing then fuck us all on the deal while we consign our responsibilities to maintain our democracy to the too hard basket .

All we have to do is say STOP ! ENOUGH ! YOU"RE UNDER ARREST !

All the systems are in place for us to be able to do that , and yet we do nothing .

The reason for that is that we've been ' individualized ' by roger douglas and neoliberalism . We were doomed to this nightmare the day that fucker deregulated the Trade Union Movement .

If NZ / Aotearoa is to restore it's pride and dignity it needs a COMPULSORY Trade Union movement again . And COMPULSORY voting in General elections because clearly , we can't can't be trusted to stay at home alone .

When asked about the Novapay debacle and it was suggested that teachers may go on strike , jonky-stien said ' I mean , what's shhtriking gonna do ? '

I mean , Duh ?

We're not Sleepy Hobbits . We're not Sheeples . We're good people , great people actually . We're a small population with the respect of the world for all the wondrous things we are and have achieved . We're not red neck haters , we're not dangerous whanau 'Once were Warriors' types .

We are however too trusting and now too afraid .

We need a Leader and there isn't one and even if there was a Leader out there , we've lost the ability to make an informed decision as to their suitability .

Well , I'm freaked out !

At 7/2/13 9:55 am, Blogger David Mackenzie said...

"Beneficiary bashing is our new favorite cultural past time"

Sorry Martyn, but the word you want there is 'pastime'. It has nothing to do with the past. It's about something we do to pass the time.

Cheers, David.

At 9/2/13 12:35 am, Blogger Frank said...

What do we do?

We find a disempowered, disenfranchised, person in our neighbourhood and remind them that they have the power of the vote. Twell them that 175,000 unemployed, voting, scares the daylights out of National/ACT.

So we encourage people to vote.

Let's call it "+1". We each encourage one other person who did not vote last year, to go to their nearest polling booth and use their greatest weapon since the pointed stick was invented; the vote.

It's not hard.

In 2011, a group of us all piled into a car and drove to a polling booth, and voted. That's our household, plus two welfare recipients living adjacent to us.

It was a great experience and they felt empowered at making their voice heard.

In 2014(or earlier), I'm hiring a MINI-BUS.

At 9/2/13 9:18 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Frank .

This is what the Labour Party should be promoting .

Compulsory Voting .



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