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Friday, February 22, 2013

Auckland Fringe Festival Review: There's no such word as c*nt

Auckland Fringe Festival Review: There's no such word as cu*t
Guest review: The Liberal Agenda

Andie Spargo is a funny funny man. If you like a laugh and the Comedy Festival is still too far away (April, it’s coming, calm down). This is the perfect event to see you through. I chuckled and gaffawed and belly-laughed and got that little tummy cramp you get that tells you you’re having a good time.

Andie is in the last 3 days of a 100 day challenge to write a poem every day. During this day he wrote poems inspired by different topics in assorted poetic form. Because that wasn’t enough of a challenge, Andie learnt to use a loop deck and to beatbox. The result? An hour of haikus about poo, Irish rounds about strokes and hilarious songs about masturbating while waiting for his girlfriend to get ready.

Oh yeah, it’s quite crass. But it’s forgivable because it’s not toilet-humour, it’s not crass for the sake of crassness. It’s funny for so many reasons other that the fact that he says the word ‘poo’. It funny because it’s clever and insightful and silly. There were no duds, they were all hilarious.

Also, Andie gave out free beer. Someone quipped ‘Is this why all comedians are poor?’ No sir, not all comedians give out free beer. That’s a special kind of comendian right there.

The Co. Space at Biz Dojo could overwhelm a small gathering like last nights, but Andie was there chatting to people beforehand, apologising for the mix up with the license (thus the free beer). He gave out cushions and scolded the person whose phone went off at the start. It was intimate and personal straight away.

There are 2 nights left. This is guaranteed to please (Unless you’re the dude who thinks ‘suck my dick’ is a funny hassle and gets torn to shreds by Andie’s quick wit. But provided you’re not ‘that dude’...).

Thu 21 - Sat 23 February, 7.30pm. Co.Space at Biz Dojo. Adult $15, Conc $10.



At 25/2/13 4:59 am, Blogger Raph NZ said...

Andy is one of the many things I miss about New Zealand!


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