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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why isn't Kordia getting blamed for killing public broadcasting?

As FACE Television looks to launch tomorrow, there are grumbles about it not being available on Freeview. The reason it isn't on Freeview is because Kordia - the state owned enterprise frequency mafia, sold the channel that was supposed to be set aside for regional TV once the signal is switched off at the end of this year to Chinese media.

That's right. Kordia sold the channels supposed to be set aside for public broadcasting to Chinese broadcasting interests. Why Kordia haven't been held to account for this surprises the hell out of me.

The Ministry of Culture and Heritage are supposed to be in charge of this and yet seem utterly at a loss to explain why Kordia don't have a signal available. We would all I think love to know why NZ frequencies are being hogged by another country's cultural interests and why one of our own SoEs is making money selling those frequencies to those other cultural interests.

Maybe someone in the msm might want to pick that one up if they aren't too busy surfing Kiwiblog for story ideas today?

Don't worry if you don't, I'm almost 1000% sure Seven Sharp will do an investigative piece delving deeply into the death of public broadcasting on their first episode.



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