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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Using Family Fist Logic on Gay Marriage

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Using Family Fist logic on Gay Marriage, bars gaining the right to decide to let dogs into their bars will lead to horses, tigers & sharks being allowed to roam into any pub and maul patrons.

IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? Tigers eating your uncle while he's having a quiet beer? Because that's what will happen if bars can let dogs into pubs!

This message brought to you by Family Fist - bring back the biff 2014!



At 16/1/13 12:37 pm, Blogger John Bond said...

One male and 4 dogs in the photo is hostile in any public health context in a public bar. (This was a gay thread, wasn't it?)

At 19/1/13 10:49 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Personally , I'd happily go to a Bar crowded with dogs and no people .

But what a dopy debate .

Having said that , I might take my pet chicken to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant ? What might that do to my chickens mind . Barbarism in the extreme and what the fuck IS that secret recipe and how can I feed that to my chicken friend without breaking some kind of law . Or arousing suspicion ?

Are we going to take sheep to a jersey shop ? What about your fish ? To a Japanese Sashimi restaurant ? It'd traumatize them for life , they'd blow wonky bubbles .

Oh My God ! A cow to a furniture store ?

Could you lead your pig to sausages ? What would it think ? !

And did you know that the preference for Brazilian waxing has relegated the pubic louse to an endangered species list . Not kidding , so to save an endangered species , get all hairy and fuck like crazy .

Would that save the Kakapo ? Worth a shot I reckon .


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