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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The horror of Seven Sharp (Dear Mr Sainsbury - I am so very sorry)

Allowing the Marketing Department at TVNZ to take over from News at 7pm was never going to produce anything pretty, and so it comes to pass. The promo for Seven Sharp is out and it is god awful...

Seven Sharp cuts through the headline clutter to bring you the day's stories with razor sharp wit and insight.

...and that razor sharp wit was on display in 'Jesse's first day' - check out the comments section on Facebook for a feel of the venom Seven Sharp is already generating.

As I posted, I don't think TVNZ appreciates the animosity viewers feel about dumbed down news. Seven Sharp represents all that intelligent people hate about the new age of lite entertainment replacing critical thinking media. When we have 270 000 children in poverty, 7.3% unemployment and the highest level of inequality ever recorded, you want to play silly buggers?

The demise of critical media at a time when NZ needs it more than ever is simply another slap in the face to public broadcasting. Poor Jesse Mulligan, who knew paying a mortgage in Arch Hill could be so detrimental?

God knows why poor Greg Boyed is being tied to this sinking boat. The only winner here is John Campbell.



At 22/1/13 11:35 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Presumably Greg's got a mortgage too. It's the only explanation I can think of. The same goes for most of the people once involved with TVNZ7 too.
Just as with the indigent - when there are bills to pay, prostitution has to be considered


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