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Friday, January 18, 2013

Paula Bennett and her amazing vanishing beneficiaries

Bennett trumpets 5000 fewer on DPB
The number of sole parents on the domestic purposes benefit dropped by 5000 last year - a drop Social Development Minister Paula Bennett is attributing partly to her new policy requiring sole parents to get jobs when their youngest child turns five.

Oh really? Paula has generated 5000 jobs has she for these sole parents to go to work at? That's quite an achievement made even more incredible when you consider we have 7.3% unemployment.

So what actually has happened? The new measures used to disqualify beneficiaries are kicking in and about to become far more vile. Bennett's new range of welfare cutbacks will see private corporations step in to administer the next round of 'work ready' tests. These corporations will get a bonus when they move someone off the benefit, and of course moving a person off the benefit can be done without actually finding someone a job, they can be bonused for just finding a new way to disqualify the beneficiary.

This isn't about finding our most vulnerable members of society employment, this is about finding excuses to disqualify them from claiming welfare.

These people become invisible to employment and benefit stats and slowly rot while Paula Bennett bounces around squealing how well she's doing.

It's an unchallenged narrative promoted by the media. There is no depression in NZ and thanks to Bennett, there's no way to see it now.



At 18/1/13 8:56 am, Blogger countryboy said...

bennett is the face of voter fear and laziness .

The only good thing about the ' Bennett Effect ' will be that she might galvanize people into being more careful of how and who they vote for , and if at all .

Poverty stricken sole parent homes will become even better Monster Factories .

To think that bennett , a cruel , fearsome half wit has the power to shape society is beyond horrible . It sickens me and makes me deeply sad for those young people who'll be left out as husks without hope in their land of more than plenty and they won't even know what hit them .

At 18/1/13 11:47 am, Blogger Kiwi Truckie said...

Paula Bennet along with Hekia Parata are disgraceful

At 18/1/13 2:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Great New Zealand Circus (formally known as the New Zealand Government).

We were bemused by the Great Bumbling Hekia Parata and her disappearing pay-packets. Dumbfounded at the Great Incompetent Craig Foss and his vanishing public broadcasting.


Step right up! And witness an act that will blow your mind and make you forever wonder how? A mystery that will plague generations of New Zealanders!

We remember her, for her remarkable act of magically producing the details of complaining beneficiaries.

Now! Watch as the Great Big Bennett makes thousands of beneficiaries disappear! A wonder to behold!

Up next. Watch as the Thirty Million Dollar Man, the “Honourable” Tony Ryall as he magically cuts the New Zealand health system!

F grade Clowns fancying themselves as magicians.

It might strike them as strange, but many of us in the audience are unimpressed with this bad act. We want a refund.

Coming soon… Watch as the Great Big Liar, Johnny Key makes all of New Zealand disappear!

At 19/1/13 11:36 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Recluse . Very funny ; )

But this will send any smiles fleeing .

No matter how outrageous our New Politicians become . No matter how corrupt and morally bankrupt they seem to anyone with even a modicum of common sense .

No matter how brazenly greedy and contemptibly ulterior their motives might be becoming ... there seems like there's nothing we can do about it other than to stand well back from the rusting ambulance as the bodies fall off the cliff .

I've been writing here and watching here for a number of years now and if there's one thing I've noticed it's that there's been no change in direction for them while we succumb to their tyranny in increasing numbers .

We don't need a revolution . We don't even need to purge them out of Government House . We just need to figure out a way of making them do what we want them to do for us . Not for them or for their rich psychopathic friends . For us .

Who knows anything about co-dependency ?

A healthy democracy can't survive without a healthy Trade Union movement and/or if people of a voting age can't be bothered to be informed and so vote , accordingly .

In a Free-Land we have to have compulsory union membership for all employees and compulsory voting for all voting age citizens . How's that for irony .

' The price of freedom is constant vigilance . '

Will that ever happen ? Not before it gets fucking ugly . Bring it on Paula ,bring it on Judith , bring it on Hekia . You're too down-right dumb to realize that you're becoming the authors of your own demise and that your legacy will be that of the traitor and those who inhabit 740 Park Avenue wont' be handing you out Knight Hoods when you get old and sick I can fucking tell you that for nothing .

They might rent you a pistol , sell you a bullet then recycle the lead from your dead brain to recoup administration costs though .


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