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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Parata & Karma

Hekia Parata's ability to self combust is better suited for the Afghan front line than the Ministry of Education.

Ministry pay glitch is karma, quips Parata
Education Ministry staff received little sympathy from their minister, Hekia Parata, after their pay did not arrive as expected yesterday morning. The glitch gave an unwanted taste of what teachers have been going through with Novopay - and the minister quipped that it was ‘‘karma’’.

She's priceless isn't she? Educations got 99 problems and Hekia Parata is 98 of them. How on earth does pissing on her own staff make her one of National's smoothest communicators?

She's a joke looking for a punchline.

I suppose if I was the Education Minister who had just had information released under the Official Information Act that showed her Government had ignored Treasury and MoE advice not to give more public money to private education because it would hurt public schools, I suppose I would be wanting to make as many bullshit quips to remove media attention as could tumble out of my mouth.

"It's Karma".
"Ha ha, sucks to be them".
"Isn't it ironic. Don't ya think? It's like rain on your wedding day. It's a free ride when you've already paid. It's the good advice that you just didn't take".

What the OIA information shows is that National are prepared to shovel more public cash into private education even if it is at the direct detriment to public schools. This should be headline leading stuff, that would be true karma. Instead with have Hekia's 'quip' dominating attention.



At 31/1/13 5:48 pm, Blogger Tim said...

"She's a joke looking for a punchline."

The punchline's Wira Gardiner. Poor bugger just hasn't yet realised


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