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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NZs dirty milk secret Shhhhhhhhhhh

NZ Milk - yum, yum.

Fonterra moves to reassure customers
Traces of a toxic agricultural substance detected in some Fonterra milk powders has international dairy customers asking for answers.

Testing of 100 samples from products last September revealed low levels of dicyandiamide (DCD) residues in 10 samples of whole milk powder, skim milk powder and buttermilk powder made with milk from the North and South Islands.

The finding has caused concern among international customers of dairy giant Fonterra.

The farming industry mafia is simply too powerful in NZ for any real discussion of their latest cock up to occur in our media. The fact that Fonterra managed to get away with almost zero criticism for their insane handling of the melamine scandal in China hints at the level of power they have over corporate media, but they can't shut up media in other country's who have a vested interest in damning NZs milk quality.

The reason this is a scandal is not because of the toxicity of dicyandiamide, it is because of what dicyandiamide represents. It is an attempt to mitigate the vast intensification of these dirty water stealing dairy farmers who continue to poison our rivers with their filth. Dicyandiamide turning up in milk shows how intensive the dairy farming industry have been allowed to grow.

Dairy Farmers and the National Party are destroying our clean green brand for short term gain rather than attempting to maximize a premium price for our dairy products.

Intensification of dairy farming comes at a massive cost to our environment while empowering a tiny fragment of the country who back the National Party to the hilt. The symbiotic relationship between Dairy farmers and the political powers of the right mean that our environment will always come second whilst these clowns are in power.

Spot the difference

One is a rabid pro farming lobby nut and the other is the President of Federated Farmers



At 30/1/13 8:11 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Again with a photo of Paula Bennetts back passage ???

Cowsploitation has become epidemic here because it's one way of industrializing arable land . One can exploit the land without having to become a beastly farmer .

And if you want to know who it is that's pushing this disaster along , go to any trading bank .

The true way of farming is to be born onto the land then be taught how to coax the best performance from it by being very careful to sustainably and organically exploit it . That process doesn't build mansions on The North Shore or turn an otherwise , doofus back water couple of Islands into a First World country of self deluding , narcissistic egotists .

The brutal and frankly horrifying reality is that Kiwis have a screaming monster on P by the tail and that monster is industrialized agriculture .

I know it's fashionable to loath farmers and that's certainly helped by virtue of the fact that the very biggest cunts in politics are , or at least have been , farmers but try it without em ? You could eat dust . No calories in dust . ( Thanks Little Britain . )

My utopian ideal would be to see good city people emigrate onto the land to use sustainable , organic , micro-farming techniques to their best advantage on small communal plots of land . The trouble with that however is that it comes with another title . Subsistence farming bordering on starvation and leading to a feudal , post apocalyptic dark ages . How long would it take before armies were being built to invade the neighbouring valleys because they had all the spuds and all you had was beetroot . Again ?

We humans are funny little things . We've come so far and we've managed to get nowhere .


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