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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NZ Herald and their joke polls

The NZ Herald doesn't even bother to hide their right wing bias these days. Todays political poll has to be the worst most recent example.

The joke poll today asks - How would you rate John key's Cabinet changes?

A: A brave and bold step into the future.
B: Apart from one or two positions, it's solid and dependable.
C: Average. I was hoping for better.

...those are the options? WTF? They may as well ask...

Do you think that John Key is

A: Fucking amazing
B: Incredible
C: okay

The NZ Herald - it isn't a newspaper, it's a leash. Only Cameron Slater and people who exclusively watch Fox News consider the NZ Herald 'left wing'.



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At 23/1/13 10:18 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

John Key - A great Prime Minister, or the greatest Prime Minister?


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