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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kawhia cop out

After hearing the accounts in the media over the last two days it seemed we were not getting the full story about what occured at the wharf in Kawhia that lead to a policeman losing all his weapons in an arrest attempt. Talkhate radio reflexively initiated the call to 'arm all police'... until it was noted that the policeman did have a gun on him at the time - which he apparently lost in a scuffle. Whoops - a huge argument against arming police - so the topic darted to the woes and perils of sole charge police stations and a call to effectively double the police numbers in rural areas. And still this odd story - because of the superficial way it was reported (with the usual reflexively pro-police angles being run ) meant the context was being clouded. We never get the full story first - we always get the police story first.

This morning on RNZ the Fire Service were keeping schtum on questions about the gun. They said they only held the crowd back as a crowd control function. The fire officers had been praised - we were told - when they were called out to "assist police".  It may be a natural reaction to call upon the fire service, but unless the cop was on fire they should not be called to this sort of policing action. The risks in blurring the duties are obvious and unfortunately the Fires Service have proved themselves mere tools for the police. People realise that bacon and ham are different, but they also know they are both pig.

So thank goodness the other side is now out there and we can see the evidence that the police and fire servce give false accounts to the public and are not to be trusted.

A relative of a man accused of beating Kawhia cop Perry Griffin says the constable used unnecessary force trying to arrest his attacker, and claims video footage contradicts a police version of events.
The man - who witnessed Friday evening's alleged attack and is also facing charges in relation to the incident - said the accused, Jackie Maikuku, had been drinking with friends on Kawhia wharf when he was spotted by an off-duty Constable Griffin.
The man had promised to release footage from the video but backtracked after talking to his lawyer. He said the video would be provided to the court as evidence. He did release still images.
Maikuku, 19, was wanted on charges of driving while disqualified, breaching supervision, reckless driving, failing to stop, failure to answer court bail, and breach of community work.
Griffin is understood to have been fishing, and went home to change into his uniform before returning to arrest Maikuku.
He said Griffin informed police communications and the Kawhia Volunteer Fire Brigade, and contacted Maikuku's father to go to the scene to help with the arrest.

Helping with arrests is not the job of the fire brigade. Using them as cops is just plain wrong. It undermines confidence in the fire service.

But what of the reason for the arrest: traffic offences!? Only your typical, uptight, white, male, cop - we'll call him Officer Ballhead - does the sort of shit that he did. And when Officer Ballhead strapped on that Glock handgun he had formed a murderous intention - just as Keith Abbott did when he went to the station to get a gun to kill Steven Wallace - that's why I am not surprised he tried to use it. Threatening to kill someone over traffic offences. That is insanity on the part of Officer Ballhead.

The witness said volunteer firefighters were told to keep 50 metres back as Griffin attempted to arrest Maikuku.
But one image also appears to show a fire service officer standing close behind the constable in the moments before the attack, and as Griffin appears to reach for his pistol.
The weapon was lost in the ensuing assault, and was later handed in to the fire service by a member of the public.
The relative also claimed Griffin, having already told Maikuku he was under arrest, emptied two canisters of pepper spray into his face, unprovoked.
He said the constable's actions left the almost 50 witnesses confused as to why Maikuku had been sprayed for what appeared to be no reason.
The relative said once Maikuku regained his sight he got up and chased Griffin, before allegedly tackling and assaulting him.
It was at that point Maikuku was Tasered and Griffin was then attacked from behind.
It is understood the officer asked nearby fishermen for help to arrest Maikuku, but they didn't as they indicated they did not think Maikuku was a threat.

There was a case where the police prosecuted a couple for not responding to a police request for assistance in arresting a man - a few years ago - and they were not guilty because the arrest was unlawful. This seems to be the case here - the policeman was out of control.

The use of pepper spray is only to stop someone harming others - it is not for gaining compliance as such - that is unlawful, that is torture. It is routinely used now by cops to gain compliance and this is wrong. Defending yourself against torture is lawful. The cop should be prosecuted.


At 15/1/13 8:16 pm, Blogger Kuzibro said...

Wasnt jackie maikuku resisting arest

At 15/1/13 9:06 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

The police have a large arsenal of implements of torture, ranging from handcuffs and telephone books to pepper spray and tasers. As in any country, they will be as sick, dangerous and sadistic as society lets them.
I also wonder if this Kawhia cop had been drinking while he was fishing. Any time they use their weapons, they should be drug and alcohol tested.

At 23/9/13 9:06 pm, Anonymous notorious kawhia said...

Yes good afterbull constanoon Griffin was drinking prior to this incident he was the initial attacker , police statements from anyone who witnessed this legalised drunken thug in action seem to have ..well they just disappeared...his dishonesty knows no bounds.


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