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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Garth McVicar - shut up you homophobic fuckwit!

Oh dear Zombie Jesus, what the bloody hell has Garth McVicar said now? Gay Marriage will raise the crime rate??????????

Lobbyist links gay marriage to crime rise in NZ
Sensible Sentencing Trust leader Garth McVicar has submitted to Parliament that changing the law to allow same-sex marriage will be yet another erosion of basic morals and values in society which have led to an escalation of child abuse, domestic violence, and an ever-increasing prison population.

"The marriage amendment bill will not benefit society at all and will ultimately have detremetal (sic) effect on crime at all levels," the submission read.

Dear Garth McVicar - shut up you homophobic fuckwit!

Gay Marriage and the crime rate are as connected as masturbation is to the abortion statistics! How on earth could a same sex couple who want to publicly pledge their relationship to their friends and whanau ever lead to an increase in crime? How hateful do you honestly have to be to twist gay marriage into evidence that the fabric of society is about to rip apart birthing more child abuse, domestic violence AND a lift in prison populations????

Shouldn't it embarrass NZers that this clown has so much influence over law and order issues? Garth McVicar is a dangerous individual who has used emotion over reason to generate hysteria, anger and fear to warp our debate on punishment into the scream of the lynch mob.

It is time we had less Garth McVicar on every issue, this relic of the 1800s has no place in civil society, the way TVNZ news at 7 has no place in an intelligent evaluation of the days events.

Less Garth McVicar, more gay marriage.



At 20/1/13 7:51 am, Blogger pete3000 said...

another stupid comment from another stupid old white man the only saving grace is these freaks are dying out now

At 20/1/13 10:58 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Pete3000 . He's not stupid . He's brilliant like many nutters . Although he's an evil fool with a deviant narcissistic , ego driven agenda , he has us debating him and he's captured the attention of the feeble minds that turn the handle on the Monster Making , Media Mill .

If Tumeke and it's followers could enjoy such adoration and solemn , head nodding respect from the Great Anesthetized we'd be living in a completely different NZ .

And what's his skin colour got to do with it ? Are there no stupid old brown men ? Or stupid old yellow men ? Or stupid old black men ?

And are they dying out ?
It's been my experience that 'homo hate' is alive and well and indeed flourishing . Gay Hate/Fear is in most popular media , from Hip Hop to mainstream film . In fact , the only TV series I can think of where the hero is Gay is Torchwood ?

And if you're thinking ' Awww but Jonkey likes them Gays ...' then think again . He's coldly after the Pink Vote and the sympathies , and the votes , of their Fruit Flies .

Garth McVicar is the fungus that grows where there's no light of oxygen . He's what grows out of a controlled media biased towards money .

When I think of how my Gay friends might be hurt by Garth McVicar trying to turn the general public into a seething mass of ignorant haters I want to track him down and get all medieval on his ass . ( Thanks Pulp Fiction . ) He should be made to feel extremely uncomfortable the moment he leaves his house .

And by that I mean a bunch of screeching Gay men in G strings should grab him and hug him and tell him they love him anyway and tell him it's high time to leap from the closet whilst singing ' It's Raining Men ' by the Weather Girls ' then he should be forced to watch ' American Beauty ' over and over , all day one wet Sunday .

C'mon Gareth . We know you secretly like cock . Don't keep it in anymore !

At 21/1/13 11:13 am, Blogger xengun said...

I think McVicar's comments are silly and ignorant and homophobic.
The real debate about gay marriage should be whether gays could be suitable parents for other un-related peoples's children. The evidence from single-parent families is not very encouraging, with girls bought up by single women routinely achieving menarche significantly earlier than male-female-parented girls, with similar consequences for these girls' early-teen more flirtatious behaviour around men. Why should a girl bought up by two lesbians fare any better ?


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