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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Citizen A with David Slack & Dr Wayne Hope

Citizen A with David Slack & Dr Wayne Hope

Issue 1: National Party cabinet reshuffle - rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic or the boldest political move of the 21st Century?

Issue 2: First Political Poll of 2013 - National up and Labour down - what does David Shearer need to do?

and Issue 3: Ratana this weekend - has Maori political influence peaked - what is happening in the Maori Party?

Citizen A broadcasts on Auckland UHF and will start transmitting on Sky TV on their new public service broadcasting channel 'FACE Television' February 7th February 2013.



At 26/1/13 9:04 pm, Blogger Tim said...

"......but I can't explain to you why so many people watch Coro...."
Cos it's real life man!!! (Yeah Right)
But then its maybe why National is 46% for the faithful - we don't know how lucky we are after all, and one day I'm gonna be loik John Key

At 26/1/13 9:14 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Oh........and as for the MP:
The argument that being inside the tent pissing out is better than being outside pissing in might have held the proverbial water HAD NOT being inside the tent been so toxic to flax roots.
The trouble is that BOTH P & T SHOULD have known - I mean its not that hard to have realised that JK is little more than a used car salesman in an Armani suit.
Shudda cudda wudda.
It's a shame that Pita's legacy will have to be what it is given a fairly exemplary background - but that's the price of being loyal to an embittered ....well: 'nuff said

At 28/1/13 8:37 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Issue # 1 : This is the 21 st Century ? ! Jesus ! When did that happen ? Our political landscape suggests The Dark Ages .

Issue # 2 : Shearer's doing fine . He's maintaining a nice status quo . He just has to coast along for that nice retirement package . Easy does it David . Easy does it .

Issue # 3 : Has no one noticed ? Maori , like other minorities , for example the poor , sole parents , the sick and the aging ... you've become irrelevant . I'm really sorry you Maori people but in the eyes of your new Lords and Masters , the denizens of 740 Park Avenue , you mean nothing at all .

As for the Maori party ? The smart ones will take the bribes while they can .

While us frogs sit on our lily pads arguing about the price of flies , the bulldozers are coming to fill in the pond .

That was a metaphor . Not a great one , but ...

We sit around arguing the little nitty gritties while these fuckers [ http://boingboing.net/2013/01/23/visualizing-the-net-worth-of-t.html ] are buying our country right out from under our noses and the deals are being brokered by the neo-liberals who masquerade as our Government .

Slowly but surely , they're taking over and without one single shot being fired . Such is the power of being able to take advantage of another persons ignorance within a polite society .


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