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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A cat, an economist and a big slice of don't give a damn walk into a bar

I'm sorry but I just can't take this cat culling issue seriously at all.

I've got nothing against cats, but sweet Jesus I wish we could be as concerned about the 270 000 kids in poverty, 7.3% unemployment & the highest inequality rate ever recorded in our country as much as we care about bloody cats.

The country is having our assets flogged off to rich investors while most NZers can't even buy a home in their own country as a right wing Government slash public services, but the issue we want to fire up about is about cats?

I expect Seven Sharp will do an entire month on this one issue which will culminate in a flashmob of 10 000 cats and their owners descending upon Parliament where John Key and Ali Mau will personally do a special Gangnam styles dance for all of them.



At 23/1/13 10:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those responsible for the 270,000 kids in poverty, high inequality and unemployment, I can imagine would be delighted with the idea of culling cats, what else can you expect from sadists.

Why is Gareth Morgan all of a sudden concerned with the environment? He’s comfortable with the idea of decimating the Antarctic’s toothfish population, for him NZ should be there fishing to keep other players under control. Effectively, we should have a piece of the pie while it’s still there.

I agree this is a distraction, look at the sensational headline from the NZ Herald; “Morgan calls for cats to be wiped out”, even though his message is for people to stop buying new cats or replacing them when they die.

It’s tiring listening to a major debate over something taken out of context and tiring listening to absurd comments like that of McVicar recently.

The media should be responsible for covering more pressing issues instead of sideshows.


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